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Reaver Inflator working on an ALFA RTL8188RU Device in Parallels on a Mac

  • Andi

    Hello and thanks for the wonderful XiaoPan OS and the useful information on here.
    You said in your post that your RTL8188RU is working in Parallels;
    I have the same chipset in my Alfa Networks awus036nhr, however XiaoPan does not recognize/start it.
    How did you do it? Was booting it of an USB drive, maybe that was the reason…
    Thanks a lot!

    • Nati

      ??????N900?????make ,,???????gcc -Wall -g -O2 globule.c -cIn file idneucld from globule.h:37, from globule.c:34:defs.h:43:18: error: pcap.h: No such file or directoryIn file idneucld from globule.c:34:globule.h:115: error: expected specifier-qualifier-list before ‘pcap_t’globule.h:199: error: expected ‘)’ before ‘*’ tokenglobule.h:200: error: expected ‘=’, ‘,’, ‘;’, ‘asm’ or ‘__attribute__’ before ‘*’ tokenglobule.c: In function ‘globule_deinit’:globule.c:64: error: ‘struct globals’ has no member named ‘wps’globule.c:64: error: ‘struct globals’ has no member named ‘wps’globule.c:65: error: ‘struct globals’ has no member named ‘handle’globule.c:65: warning: implicit declaration of function ‘pcap_close’globule.c:65: error: ‘struct globals’ has no member named ‘handle’globule.c: At top level:globule.c:453: error: expected ‘)’ before ‘*’ tokenglobule.c:457: error: expected ‘=’, ‘,’, ‘;’, ‘asm’ or ‘__attribute__’ before ‘*’ tokenglobule.c: In function ‘set_wps’:globule.c:464: error: ‘struct globals’ has no member named ‘wps’globule.c: In function ‘get_wps’:globule.c:468: error: ‘struct globals’ has no member named ‘wps’make: *** [globule.o] Error 1??????????????N900????????????????aircrack-ng,

    • Penguin

      You have to delete the driver from Windows or your Mac to avoid conflicts with your VM.

  • gabardo

    No me reconoce la targeta wifi utilizo la ZYdas

    • wooldog

      please state the issue in the support forums , also state the hardware and your system specs, thank you

    • Khaled

      The commonest ones I’ve come acorss are fedora (red hat desktop version), ubuntu, suse, knoppix, probably in that order. But that may not be representative, it’s just what I’ve come acorss as ones used by people I work with. I know that ubuntu and knoppix come as live CDs not sure about the others I’ve listed above.I’m using ubuntu at the moment. So my view is that that is the best and most popular but that is *only* my opinion.Download a few and try them out, give them a couple of hours trial and see which you like best. What will it cost? download time and a few blank CDs.Probably a more important question for you to consider is do you prefer KDE as a desktop or Gnome as a desktop. For some distributions you can choose, for some you are stuck with one or the otherBut I’m not using a live CD I’ve found they are disproportionately slow cos they’re running off the CD not the hard disk great for playing with, not so great for

  • Lester Plasky

    F*ckin’ amazing things here. I am very glad to look your article. Thank you a lot and i am taking a look ahead to contact you. Will you please drop me a e-mail?

  • anon1

    I’m using the Xiaopan, but I can’t find my wireless driver and if I use the earlier version the adapter found, but inflator doesn’t work when I scan. Help.
    Use Alfa AWUS036H

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  • dsfg

    where the heck is the download link !?

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  • Margart Kotz

    One thing I want to say is always that before obtaining more laptop or computer memory, take a look at the machine in to which it could be installed. If the machine will be running Windows XP, for instance, the memory ceiling is 3.25GB. Adding more than this would merely constitute just a waste. Make sure one’s mother board can handle the particular upgrade quantity, as well. Interesting blog post.

  • rasim

    or is it the root password

  • pregnancy information

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  • Alex Ong

    If mine is a usb planex wifi driver zd1211rw what must I run to make it visible for me to select?

    • Penguin

      Should load automatically with 0.4.5.

  • Harutaka

    lsdocs sjchorn@john-Rev-1-0:~/??/reaver-1.1$ cd sjchorn@john-Rev-1-0:~/??/reaver-1.1/src$ sudo ./configure[sudo] password for john:checking for gcc gccchecking whether the C compiler works yeschecking for C compiler default output file name a.outchecking for suffix of executables checking whether we are cross compiling nochecking for suffix of object files ochecking whether we are using the GNU C compiler yeschecking whether gcc accepts -g yeschecking for gcc option to accept ISO C89 none neededchecking for pcap_open_live in -lpcap noerror: pcap library not found!????????

  • chavez

    Will it work for any wireless adapter card?
    im using linksys TL-WN321G.

    • Penguin

      Only cards that support monitor mode and injection. It depends there are 4 variants of that card.

  • A.k

    My rtl8192cee driver font detects,says no wireless device

    • Penguin

      Does not support monitor mode and packet injection. Please use a compatible card.

  • Albert Hutz

    whats the version of xiaopan that has a hearts wallpaper?

    • Penguin

      0.3.8 I think

  • Molina Calvo Adrián

    Hi mates! I have this chipset rtl8187l and xiaopan OS 0.4.3 and I can’t work with my network card because I can see my card is blocked. When I open Inflator, Feeding-bottle or minidwep-gtk and I put “Scan” button, this button does not work.
    If I type “rfkill list” in the console I read that:

    Wireless LAN

    Soft blocked: no

    Hard blocked: yes.

    I could read in other sites that it’s a problem of chipset’s driver and kernel’s version of linux. Is it right? What must I do?

    Thank you so much

  • LAW

    can the author add in bib in beini,it’s good at searching the signal sorce

    • Penguin

      From 0.4.5 onwards Bib is included :)

  • Néstor Vasquez M.

    I saw 0.43 & 0.44 versions… Why are not they on this website?

  • Ali Aras

    I have iuwa 300n wifi adaptor,how to install it’s driver?

    • Penguin

      I cannot find any information on that device. Did you spell it correctly?

  • Roham Soroush

    Your OS is so well. really damn good

  • sothsenghak

    Hello i was problem with reaver on AP rate limiting, waiting 60 seconds before re-checking. If someone have suggestion on it please help me. I hope that can finish on it.

    • Jim M

      This prob not the place for that question, but here’s my crack at an answer anyway.
      I had the same problem facing a Netgear DGND3700 v2 router. Note, different routers have varying levels of security mesaures to block WPS crack attempts. One of these security measures for this router is to temporarily block attempts to connect if it detects a possible threat.
      Add a delay to the Reaver command using the -d option. Notice in my example I use a delay of 35 seconds. This does slow down the overall scan, but without the delay, it wouldn’t work at all. Hope this helps. ;)
      reaver -i mon0 -b BSSID -d 35

  • Frank Gomez

    Alguien sabe si funciona con RTL8190 ???? Saludos :D

  • Bramo Mt

    i suggest you to download the latest version(0.4.5+)! it works fine on my alfa adapter!

  • Daniel


  • happy1986

    WPA is hacking too slow, any idea to speed it up like same duration of cracking WEP ?