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    OmniMix now offers you as a Windows user a convenient way to benefit from the Mixmaster remailer network. It works as a switchbox between your mail resp. news client and the outer world and either sends your messages directly to the destination or routes them through the Mixmaster remailer network in order to deliver them anonymously. If you need a replyable mail address, OmniMix assists you in setting up an account at one of the existing nym servers and afterwards automatically transforms outgoing and incoming messages accordingly.

    If there's no necessity of anonymous communication, simply use OmniMix to add features your client software itself is lacking:
    ·Send and receive messages from external servers through secured connections (with SSL / TLS / Tor).
    ·Add recipient related hashcash tokens to your messages to increase their chance to pass spam filters.
    ·Protect your mail with automatic Whole Message Encryption (WME) and by doing so reduce the amount of information you reveal and your efforts for PGP en- resp. decryption to a minimum.
    To the side of your mail / news client OmniMix offers three kinds of servers:
    ·Outgoing mail (SMTP = Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)
    ·Incoming mail (POP3 = Post Office Protocol - Version 3)
    ·News messages (NNTP = Network News Transfer Protocol)
    The client communication bases on a multithreading model, so there's no harm in accessing the proxy server by several clients at the same time.

    The message routing is defined by parameter settings within OmniMix or, in order to deviate from those general rules, instructions transmitted through specific headers added individually to the single message.

    OmniMix doesn't store any messages for a longer period of time. The messages it receives are immediately passed on, either 'normally' or transformed into an anonymous mail, which, in case of a news message, can be processed by a mail2news service, then encrypted to the mixmaster format, currently using mixmaster 2.0 or 2.9. The resulting mail is afterwards transmitted by the integrated SMTP client (via a secure SSL connection - if supported by your ISP). If there occur any errors in the course of one of these steps, they are reported to the waiting mail / news client, which then reserves the message for further retrials. Only if OmniMix succeeds in sending the message to the Internet, it gives a 'mission completed' state back to your client, which one therefore keeps full control of the data until they are delivered to your ISP. So there's no caching within the Mixmaster or OmniMix system!

    Set up a Hidden Service with the built-in Tor instance and access your OmniMix system from everywhere without the need for a static IP address. There's also a webserver, which, if activated, grants you access to your system's IP address through that Tor Hidden Service replacing a DynDNS service.

    OmniMix doesn't alter your system. It may even be executed from a removable device such as a USB stick without leaving traces.

    The download packages include detailed information on setting up and running the system.
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