PixieWPS 1.2.2

Bruteforce offline the WPS pin exploiting the low or non-existing entropy of some APs

  1. Fixed warnings

    Mr. Penguin
    Most of the work was done to clean up the code, support more platforms, remove OpenSSL dependency (finally!) and add more options. This version has been successfully tested under Linux(Debian, Ubuntu), Mac OS X 10.11, Windows (using MinGW), FreeBSD, OpenWrt and Android (as a .bin file).

    Version 1.2.2 has an important Login or Signup to view links / downloads for FreeBSD users (found in 1.2.1).

    Two more PRNG/algorithms for eCos devices (through --mode...
  2. Bug fixes and added more modes

    Mr. Penguin
  3. Minor Changes

    Mr. Penguin
  4. Mac OS X Support

    Mr. Penguin
    and bug fixes
  5. OpenWRT compatibility

    Mr. Penguin
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  6. New features and improvements

    Mr. Penguin
    What's new:
    - The previous attack now is fully implemented
    - AuthKey computation if --dh-small is specified (also in Reaver).
    The data can be gathered from a .cap file (manually)
    - Better input parsing with parameters length check
    - More user friendly. Added some examples of use in the usage screen.
  7. Belkin and D-Link Pwn'd

    Mr. Penguin
    Pixie Dust doesn't just crack Ralink, Broadcom, and Realtek APs but also has another cool feature:

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    -W, --generate-pin
    Default Pin Generator by devttys0 team [1] Belkin [2] D-Link
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  8. Added install and run video

    Mr. Penguin
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