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Discussion in 'Xiaopan Support' started by minky, 30 Sep 2013.

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    I managed to connect a Backtrack VM to the internet using Virtualbox on a Knoppix host connected to the internet through a wireless-internet USB dongle... and wonder if the following may interest someone else:

    Using a Backtrack 5r3 VM, in Oracle Virtualbox 4.1.18 Debian with Extensions Package 4.1.26 installed (to enable USB2 support);

    1 - I connected the Knoppix host to the ISP's wireless dialup connection, then through a free VPN (as per usual);

    2 - with the fresh BT5R3 VM loaded in Virtualbox I went into the machine's 'Settings' and under 'Network' I enabled 2 network adapters; the first one I set to 'Bridged Adaptor' (it named itself 'eth0') and the second I set to 'NAT' (unnamed);

    3 - then in BT5R3 I opened 'WLCD Network Manager' (main menu, Applications > Internet) and, leaving the default wired-connection selected I went to the 'Preferences' tab and, in the 'Wired Interface' field entered 'eth1' (i.e. the NAT adaptor), then clicked 'OK' and 'Connect', whereupon NAT assigned a private IP address to the VM connection. I opened a browser and... AOK

    (please note that if 'eth1' isn't the name that gets automatically assigned to your NAT-configured network interface, perhaps it is 'eth2' or..'eth*' - I couldn't see how to confirm this so it may require a bit of trial and... success)

    4 - good luck!


    p.s. although I used an internet dongle on the host, I suspect this will work identically using any wired network connection.
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