Can someone crack my WPA for something in return?

Discussion in 'Dictionary, Password & Wordlists' started by Xayaan., 24 Jun 2013.

  1. Xayaan.

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    24 Jun 2013
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    I have WPA handshake which i am having difficulty cracking since i don't have a Wordlist/Dictionary and I can't download a wordlist/dictionary since my current internet is limited to 2 GB per month and i need atleast 10GB to download a good wordlist [​IMG] . So the is anyone willing to crack my WPA for something in return? I cannot offer money though but i can offer something else. (Such as a month's free webhosting / Unlimited traffic and unlimited space ) And by the way , The Wifi from the which the WPA handshake was extracted from is Indian. Which means that the password will possibly be a indian name such as Sri vishnu or Jayashree or something like that. The first one to crack my WPA handshake will be rewarded with a smile. [​IMG]

    Download Link to WPA handshake :
    SSID: belkin.3bb9
  2. wawawa3

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    7 Apr 2015
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    This is crazy, no one has helped you in three years?? WTF?! Look at the SSID... your password can be found by hashcat thus:
    cudahashcat64 -m 2500 -a 3 -1 23456789abcdef 08-86-3B-FD-CB-B0_handshake.hccap ?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1
    (you'll have to convert your .cap to a .hccap)
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