Issue Can't Detect Wireless Network (It Must Should Be)

Discussion in 'Xiaopan Support' started by kamarulzzz, 22 Nov 2012.

  1. kamarulzzz

    kamarulzzz Member

    3 Nov 2012
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    i'm using your new wireless hardware is very well with beini 1.2.2 ... but using the new xiaopan...i got have ensured my device is connected using vmware....when i open can scan and shows wireless network..but when i launch reaver..its show error(cant be associated)... but if i using beini 1.2.2 ...i surely and success capture the a.p and do the dictionary attack(not success the dictionary not strong enough). but the more worse is when im try using inflator...the new application....its shows my wireless device....but when after canning....its show no a.p...but it should have...why this is happen...???
  2. timvak

    timvak Active Member

    19 Nov 2012
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    You can try to authenticate with airplay-ng and then use the - A option in reaver
  3. desmet

    desmet Member

    15 Dec 2012
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    more strange wend i use xiaopan in reboot mode i can have 2 wireless one inernal device rtl 8187B and other usb wireless adapter thomson
    working well so i have 2 diferents ap 0 or 1, in minidwep and reaver but i dont have internet they dont recoguenize my usb pen modem.
    wend i work the same xiaopan in linux-oracle vm virtualbox i have internet but they dont recoguenize both of the wireless devices of course
    firts i try only with the internal one so i try with external one but dont work, theres wend i try the reboot mode and i saw the posibility to have to diferent ap´ 0 or 1.
  4. One Piece

    One Piece Well-Known Member

    28 Oct 2012
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    u need to know who is wlan0 n who is wlan1...
    normaly usb wireless just be like this
    exp : 22:11:33:44:55

    n ur internal wireless card must be
  5. apihblind

    apihblind Active Member

    29 Dec 2012
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    yep i can confirm this,as i would choose wlan1 as my external rtl8187L.
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