Devuan Linux (Non Systemd fork from debian jessie)

Discussion in 'Linux Based Operating Systems & Virtual Machines' started by pedropt, 11 Feb 2017.

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    Hi everyone , i am just posting this topic to show you all that a group of people created a fork from debian jessie another linux distribution that does not work with the new implemented systemd in all linux distributions .
    Systemd arrived to kali , debian jessie , red hat , etc ... and it is already giving a lot of issue and with major vulnerabilities .
    Bugs on systemd don`t stop to show up everyday , and systemd works much different from the normal sys V that began with linux 20 years ago .
    I have installed devuan on my machines and it is very stable , and it does not waste many computer resources like debian jessie does .

    I also have been installing multiple hacking tools in my devuan from git , and they all work flawlessly and very fast .
    New hacking OS could be developed under this OS , all needed is to get the source code of it from Devuan repository .

    Devuan Linux = Old Wheezy updated to jessie without the new systemd .

    You can continue using "service xxxx stop,restart,reload" on devuan , while on kali you need to write "systemctl start ...."

    Also , systemd organizes all processes from a specific tool on one single memory "container" , by this imagine that you want to reload nginx only , in systemd reloading nginx it will reload all processes that are related to it that in reality do not need to be restarted (ex:php5 , fpm , redis , etc...) , and if nginx falls down by some bug , then all processes related to it will fall down too .
    In Devuan that does not happen , in devuan you only reload what you need .

    There are multiples examples , but i leave you with their website in case you want to download one of their isos to install .

    i will edit this post and post my devuan desktop as soon as i restart it here .
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    I was unable to edit the post , however i will reply with a screen capture of my devuan linux :


    All these tools were installed manually by me , and this is just a few because i did not had more space on desktop .
    Aircrack-ng is RC1 because i want , that version works better for me than RC4 .
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