Emoticons / Emoji for Wireless Network SSIDs

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    Pod2g suggested that people can have emoji icons for wireless network names instead of the typical plain text you can normally associate with:

    You need to input the unicode character on for the SSID name which will allow you to have an Emoji wireless network name.

    There are some limitations of course due to native device encoding. Only the device's system which support emoji can display pictograph as name of wireless network, such as
    • iDevices
    • Mac OS X 10.7 Lion +
    • Windows Phone 7
    On the other hand, unsupported and partially supported devices may display a line of meaningless garbled code or square symbols. Don't worry, the wireless network is still discoverable and connectable as usual.

    Here's how to put emoji on wireless network SSID:
      1. Open Firefox and select Unicode (UTF-8) for Character Encoding (You may use any web browser, but I find that Firefox has better Character Encoding for emoji in unicode standard).
      2. Head over to Wikipedia - Emoji, highlight and copy the symbol.
      3. Enter your router default IP address (mine is on URL address bar to configure router settings.
      4. Paste the symbol on Wireless Network Name (SSID) field and Save it. You might encounter message like "Found a non-ISO-8859-1 character at position: 1, Please eliminate before continuing.". Just ignore it and continue. Router will restarts.
      5. Done. You should see emoji appears on WIFI list.
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