Question Generate Wordlist 1 File per 2 GB

Discussion in 'Xiaopan Support' started by mampwamp, 15 Sep 2013.

  1. mampwamp

    mampwamp Active Member

    18 Aug 2013
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    If the combination of password is 100gb,
    the command below is generate 50 files with 2gb each file.
    ./crunch 8 8 0123456789ABCDEF -b 2gb -o START

    can it generate one file only with 2gb file size.
    what is the command?
  2. tixomir balabanov

    tixomir balabanov Well-Known Member

    25 Feb 2013
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    TRY THIS IF THIS HELP::::::: The full range of options is as follows ;
    -b Maximum bytes to write per file, so using this option the wordlist to be created can be split into various
    sizes such as KB / MB / GB (must be used in combination with "-o START" switch)
    -c Number of lines to write to output file, must be used together with "-o START"
    -d Limits the number of consecutive identical characters (crunch v3.2)
    -e Specifies when crunch should stop early (crunch v3.1)
    -f Path to the charset.lst file to use, standard location is '/pentest/passwords/crunch/charset.lst
    to be used in conjunction with the name of the desired charset list, such as 'mixalpha-numeric-space'
    -i Inverts the output sequence from left-to-right to right-to-left
    (So instead of aaa, aab, aac, aad etc, output would be aaa baa caa daa)
    -l When specifying custom patterns with the -t option, the -l switch allows you to identify which of the characters
    should be taken as a literal character instead of a place holder ( @,%^ )
    -o Allows you to specify the file name / location for the output, e.g. /media/flashdrive/wordlist.txt
    -p Prints permutations of the words or characters provided in the command line.
    -q Prints permutation of the words or characters found in a specified file
    -r Resumes from a previous session, exact same syntax to be used followed by -r
    -s Allows you to specify the starting string for your wordlist.
    -t Allows you to specify a specific pattern to use. Probably one of the most important functions !
    Place holders for fixed character sets are ;
    @ -- lower case alpha characters
    , -- upper case alhpa characters
    % -- numeric characters
    ^ -- special characters (including space)
    -u Supresses the output of wordlist size & linecount prior starting wordlist generation.
    -z Adds support to compress the generation output, supports gzip, bzip & lzma
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