Issue Hack WEP Without Client and Data Found

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    31 Aug 2012
    What is the Issue?:
    i wanna to hack wifi using feeding bottle or one software minidwep. i am beginer in here. -when i click scan, its showing many wifi, - when i hack" or press the button RUN" - it show NO CLIENT FOUND" and also no data transfer - and i cannot hack the web key.​
    Ultimately, What are you trying to achieve?:
    Hack WEP key with Minidwep and / or FeedingBottle
    What is your wireless device model?:
    signal king ralink 802.11N Usb wireless lan
    USB or Internal Device?:
    How are you using it?:
    I am using Xiaopan as a LiveCD
    Operating System:
    If you used a Live CD or USB How did you create it?:
    pre created by seller of signal king
    What version:
    Latest Xiao Pan version.
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    i wanna crazy already .