Help me .. takleh nak crack kt wifi sedare dia lupa pasword .

Discussion in 'Malay Support | Sokongan Melayu' started by fitri99, 30 Jan 2014.

  1. fitri99

    fitri99 Active Member

    13 Dec 2013
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    Hi bro .. tolong sikit .. aku ada try crack unifi ... and then aku guna xiaopan OS .. then aku tekan reaver tapi bila dah start tu dia asik ulang tryingpin yang sama jer ....btw wps enbale kot .. sbb sebelum aku reaver kt tepi nama wifi tu ada wupis wps . So tolong la eh =D thx ..
  2. Makavelie

    Makavelie Active Member

    13 Dec 2012
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    ler.. kalo wifi sedare apa masalahnya... tekan jer butang wps kt modem tue.. x payah reaver dah.. ko connect ke wifi dia.. tekan wps.. sonang cerita..
  3. gunz_kruung

    gunz_kruung Well-Known Member

    5 Feb 2013
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    lol snang story ko tekan ja button reset router 2 :) klu ko takut x pandai nak setting router 2 n klu xda support wps push pin.. ko tgk kat bawah router 2 ada "no" wps pin kn pastu ko masukkn no wps pin 2 kat reaver guna command ni :

    reaver -i mon0 -b xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx -p xxxxxxxx -c xx -vv

    -i = interface nic ko
    -b = mac address
    -p = no wps pin kat bawah router 2
    -c = channel

    ** tp klu ko guna xiaopan letak 1st code ko dgn {sudo} sebelum command reaver tu tp klu guna backtrack 5 x prlu just proceed ngan command reaver tu
    ** klu ko receive error. cuba authenticate dulu ngan router 2.. dgn mgunakan standard command reaver = reaver -i mon0 -b xx:xx -vv pas2 ctrl+c pas2 run blik command kat atas 2 confirm no hal bro..:mask:

    hrp dpt mmbantu..:cool:
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