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Discussion in 'Xiaopan Support' started by Vincent Soon, 24 Jan 2014.

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  1. Vincent Soon

    Vincent Soon Active Member

    5 Dec 2012
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    Dear Xiaopan forum users,
    I need some help with regards using Beini (or anything that suites and makes exploitaion
    easier and more convinient)
    I'm trying to exploit WPS (it can take up to 2/4 - 6 hrs depending on the signal strength)
    Here Im found a website tat says using reaver is savable(the progress) = dont need to start all over again
    this works even if the password has been changed because it has already cracked the WPS pin
    (meaning the password will only be a matter of seconds or minutes b4 the password is revealed)
    Therefore im interested to know if Xiaopan or Beini offers this sort of functianlity with Reaver
    Crack WPA/WPA-2 with Reaver and Backtrack 5 | The New Tech
    Also is booting it from a usb of a better choice? (cos the space can be modified = can add files)
    while CD mode is burnt and nothing goes in anymore (like using windows that has a system image
    that will restore everything to how it was b4)
    Futhermore im working with
    (1) a signal king Sk-12TN 20dbi
    (2) a signal king 999wn (2antennas) which states 41dbi on its box(or is it 48dbi?)
    which would be faster ?
    Next,pardon me for talking about things that aren't Xiaopan here(Beini and BT)
    Ill keep it in mind if its not allowed here. (for the future)
    All replies ,feeback and any form of help cum advice is deeply appreciated
    for that Ill say thanks in advance.
  2. Mr. Penguin

    Mr. Penguin Administrator
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    18 May 2012
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