Question How to crack Wireless network password witout WPS or some wordlist

Discussion in 'Xiaopan Support' started by illyrians1989, 13 Dec 2013.

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    Hello guys, I have a problem with cracking a WiFi Network's password? I've tried everything and the only success I made was about cracking the pass via BackTrack 5 (I found tutorials online) - standard procedure: hide MAC, use wifite, handshake, all's done automatically. But, I could hack only routers with WPS. In case there isn't WPS - FAIL! So, I informed myself on google that it could only be done with the help of wordlists. But, a good one is expensive. So I want to try free! The question is, is there some other method to crack WPA or some other Network, easy as cracking with WPS using BackTrack - or something similar that can be learned online? Please help me, just need an advice, link, where to start, what method, what program, technique or anything, and the rest will be done by myself. Or the wordlist is only option?
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    ./crunch 10 10 1234567890abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz | aircrack-ng -b <<BSSID>> -w - <<.capfile >>
    this is an example. (10 10 means the maximum and minimum amount of letters-numbers for the password) the alphabet etc etc.

    this will take ... a while :S i mean some years maybe :S but you can find more things. just search for crunch command or how to use aircrack-ng. also try md5 hashes. (hashcat-plus)

    hope it helped a bit.
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