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    Here is the book form of Kali Linux. This is official, autogenerated and always updated, just simply visit:

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    to download, If you want to get good with Kali I suggest you download the pdf :)

    Menu Items

    00. Introduction to Kali Linux
    What is Kali Linux ?
    Kali Linux Features

    Should I Use Kali Linux?
    Differences Between Kali Linux and Debian
    Is Kali Linux Right For You?
    Kali Linux Default Passwords

    01. Downloading Kali Linux

    Download Official Kali Images
    Official Kali Linux Images
    ISO Files
    VMware Images
    ARM Images

    Verifying SHA1 Checksums of Downloaded Images
    Ensure the Origin of the SHA1SUMS File
    Verifying SHA1 Checksums on Linux
    Verifying SHA1 Checksums on OSX
    Verifying SHA1 Checksums on Windows

    Generate an Updated Kali ISO

    02. Building Custom Kali Images
    Live Build a Custom Kali ISO
    Build Your Own Kali ISO – Introduction
    Getting Ready
    Configuring the Kali ISO Build (Optional)

    Building the ISO
    Customize the Kali Desktop
    Changing the Kali Desktop Environment

    03. Installing Kali Linux
    Kali Linux Hard Disk Install
    Kali Linux Installation Requirements
    Installation Prerequisites
    Preparing for the Installation

    Kali Linux Installation Procedure
    Post Installation

    Dual Boot Kali with Windows
    Kali Linux Dual Boot with Windows
    Preparing for the Installation
    Dual Boot Installation Procedure
    Kali Linux Installation Procedure
    Post Installation

    Kali Linux Live USB Install
    Preparing for the USB copy
    Kali Linux Live USB Install Procedure

    Imaging Kali on a Windows Machine
    Imaging Kali on a Linux Machine
    Adding Persistence to Your Kali Live USB

    Kali Linux Encrypted Disk Install
    Kali Linux Encrypted Installation Requirements

    04. Kali Linux Network Installs
    Kali Linux Network Mini ISO Install
    Kali Mini ISO Install
    Kali Linux Network PXE Install
    Setup a PXE Server
    Download Kali PXE Netboot Images
    Configure Target to Boot From Network

    05. Kali Linux General Use
    Starting Metasploit Framework
    Start the Kali PostgreSQL Service

    Start the Kali Metasploit Service
    Launch msfconsole in Kali
    Configure Metasploit to Launch on Startup

    Kali Linux Forensics Mode

    VMware Tools in a Kali Guest
    Installing open-vm-Tools
    Installing VMware Tools in Kali
    Slow Mouse Movement in VMware
    VMware Tools Won’t Compile!
    Known Issues

    06. Kali Linux ARM Architecture
    Install Kali Samsung Chromebook
    Kali on Chromebook – User Instructions
    Kali on Samsung Chromebook – Developer Instructions

    Install Kali ARM on MK/SS808
    Stock Kali on SS808 – Easy Version
    Kali on SS808 – Long version
    Install Kali ARM on ODROID U2
    Kali on ODROID U2 – User Instructions

    Kali on ODROID U2 – Developer Instructions

    Install Kali ARM on a Raspberry Pi
    Stock Kali on Raspberry Pi – Easy Version

    Kali on Raspberry Pi – Long Version
    Preparing a Kali Linux ARM chroot
    Install Required Tools and Dependencies
    Define Architecture and Custom Packages
    Build the Kali rootfs
    Manual Configuration Within the chroot

    07. Kali Linux Development
    Custom Raspberry Pi Image
    Create a Kali rootfs
    Create the Image File
    Partition and Mount the Image File
    Copy and Modify the Kali rootfs
    Compile the Raspberry Pi Kernel and Modules

    Custom Chromebook Image
    Custom MK/SS808 Image
    Custom ODROID X2 U2 Image
    ARM Cross-Compilation

    Setting Up Your Development Box
    Download Linaro Toolchain
    Set Environment Variables
    Rebuilding a Package from Source
    Downloading the Package Source
    Edit the Package Source Code
    Check for Build Dependencies
    Recompiling the Kali Linux Kernel
    Download Kali Linux Kernel Source Code

    08. Troubleshooting Kali Linux
    Troubleshooting Wireless Drivers

    09. Kali Community Support
    Official Kali Linux Mirrors
    Using Official Repositories
    Official Kali Linux Sites
    Kali Linux Bug Tracker
    Kali Linux Open Source Policy
    Kali Linux Trademark Policy
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    This gonna helpful for me. Thanks for the share.
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