Site Change Massive Changes Coming Soon to Xiaopan :)

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Forum Changes Box' started by Mr. Penguin, 15 Mar 2013.

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    1. Moving to New Server
    Ok, some of you are aware that we will be moving / migrating to our own VPS kindfully setup by Xcell and his friend Tuna. Our new host is called VDSware and from tests it appears that download speed is extremely fast. We aim to be able to have this up and running within the next few days. During which there will be times the website is closed and you will not be able to login. You can ask for support on our twitter and facebook pages during that time only:

    2. Aby$m OS Release Date
    Aby$m will be released as soon as the kinks are ironed on the new server.

    3. Direct Downloads
    Our new server should be able to cope with direct downloads so there will be no need for requiring 3rd party file hosters such as mediafire, mega, zippyshare, hotfile etc. However, these will have an 5 second ad link associated with them due to the obvious reasons of people will want to share links on other sites. Anyone caught using the link without the link will be banned. We will be periodically googling for such instances and monitoring where the traffic is coming from.

    Large files will also be hosted to VIPs only as a direct download of between 600mb - 3GB

    4. New Media Addon
    As there are many video resources available online, members will be able to find the best as well as post the best video tutorials with XenMedio: we hope that many of you can contribute to this resource.

    5. Resources Manager
    In keeping with the no 3 point we will have a resources manager where people find files and downloads quickly as well as rate / comment on them as well. You can see a demo here:

    Finally, thank you all for joining and contributing it has all been a wonderful (not even a) year and we have achieved much greatness together. :psy

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  2. estimacamry

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    Always believe in this "Together We Can Make It Happen":D
  3. rempit

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    4 Jun 2012
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    Wow, a whole new Xiaopan for me and all of us to play, thanks Mr.Penguin and all for the great works :psy
  4. HoT_Pursuit

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    Great works all ;)
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