Linux Minidwep-GTK 30419 | Reaver Edition

Discussion in 'Software Downloads' started by Mr. Penguin, Jun 3, 2012.

  1. Mr. Penguin

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    Minidwep is by far the easiest (but not the quickest, but still pretty damn quick) way to scan and hack WEP networks. It is part of the lightweight and powerful Beini hacking suite of apps. Check hacking a WEP network within a few minutes:

    You can download it and install it in Ubuntu or BackTrack if you wish. First thing to do is Login or Signup to view links / downloads (password is dishingtech) and place it on your desktop in BackTrack or Ubuntu system.

    Then in terminal type:
    cd Desktop
    dpkg -i '/root/Desktop/minidwep-gtk-30419-ubuntu-32bit.deb'

    This is where you will find Minidwep GTK:


    Minidwep GTK GUI:


    After it is installed, you should see it. Another easier option is just to Login or Signup to view links / downloads which has Reaver Inflator and other awesome stuff in it. If you are unfamiliar with reaver or have trouble using it check out the video below on how to hack WEP:

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  2. dadidudada

    dadidudada Active Member

    After i download this file, then type the command at the second step it says
    dpkg: error: requested operation requires superuser privilege
    how i can fix this problem??
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  3. Mr. Penguin

    Mr. Penguin Administrator Staff Member Administrator Moderator VIP

    Did you have two or more terminal windows or tabs running apt-get or Synaptic Package Manager when you tried to install this?

    Go to: Synaptic package manager > edit > fix broken packages

    If you did reboot and open 1 Terminal window and attempt to install it again.
  4. Fantasma

    Fantasma Well-Known Member

    By typing "sudo" (without quotes) before the second command?.
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  5. Mr. Penguin

    Mr. Penguin Administrator Staff Member Administrator Moderator VIP

    He should already have root access. If not, type:

    su root
    Then enter your root password and enter the commands as usual.
  6. dadidudada

    dadidudada Active Member

    sory im forget to type sudo..
    but then there is another problem.
    it say
    dpkg: error processing /root/Desktop/minidwep-gtk-30419-ubuntu-32bit.deb (--install):
    cannot access archive: No such file or directory
    Errors were encountered while processing:
  7. Mr. Penguin

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    I think you got the filepath wrong.

    To ensure that it is the right file path:
    1) Place the deb file on your desktop
    2) Open Terminal
    3) Find the directory folder where you put the deb (use the file manager)
    4) Type cd (then space)
    5) Drag the folder into the terminal window and push enter
    6) dpkg -i (the file location)

    Can you please post some screenshots for us and the steps to reproduce the error. Thanks.
  8. dadidudada

    dadidudada Active Member

    ok now problem solved..just my file path is wrong
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  9. uzman2

    uzman2 Member

    reaver ralink 3070 support?
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  10. Tom6

    Tom6 Member

    thanks,work on my backtrack
  11. dadidudada

    dadidudada Active Member

    how to use reaver in minidwep..any tutorial..i havent try yet the it easy to know wpa2-psk password using reaver??
  12. kablas

    kablas Active Member

    can i use minidwep-gtk on 64 bits console ?
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  13. spiritbar

    spiritbar Active Member

    when i try to crack wpa with minidwep reaver its associate but dont seems like tryng any pin noting show up on screen
  14. TYCOON

    TYCOON Member

    hi i was asking for help from another thread when i found this. anyway i am trying to install minidwep-gtk with no success
    i had similar error

    so i followed what Mr.Penguin say. and it seemed to install

    sun@ubuntu:~/Desktop$ sudo dpkg -i '/home/sun/Desktop/minidwep-gtk-30513-ubuntu-32bit.deb'
    (Reading database ... 185737 files and directories currently installed.)
    Preparing to replace minidwep-gtk 30513 (using .../minidwep-gtk-30513-ubuntu-32bit.deb) ...
    Unpacking replacement minidwep-gtk ...
    Setting up minidwep-gtk (30513) ...

    but when i try to start up minidwep-gtk nothing happens

    please help

    i am a total noob in ubuntu and would very much like to learn

    thank you

    ps i just found the minidwep-gtk icon in application but when i click it it ask from my password and nothing seems to happen :(
  15. Jvisoso8

    Jvisoso8 Member

    --- Double Post Merged, Feb 15, 2013 ---
    it appears as if there is no wireless card found
  16. estimacamry

    estimacamry Tracker VIP

    I had the same problem in Ubuntu 12.04. Managed to install latest minidwep-gtk from this link Login or Signup to view links / downloads
    Clicking at the icon (from installed programme) and keying password gives me nothing. Tried from terminal gives me nothing too:mad: Anyone had similar problem and managed to fixed it please share your method;)
  17. Crackerz Wave

    Crackerz Wave The Dictator Staff Member Moderator VIP

    try search youtube encikubuntu ..i also ask him before..but he said just install..weird...maybe the requirements not enough
  18. estimacamry

    estimacamry Tracker VIP

    Crackerz Wave
    Thanks for trying to help out. I've found the answer after asking Mr.Google:D After installing Minidwep-gtk,
    sudo apt-get install libssl0.9.8
  19. Crackerz Wave

    Crackerz Wave The Dictator Staff Member Moderator VIP

    u have problem with minidwep? as when using xiaopan, it detect 2 cards, atheros and rtl8187l...if it appear more than 2 card...the minidwep dont work properly
  20. estimacamry

    estimacamry Tracker VIP

    Problem fixed Crackerz Wave

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