Android PaPaGo M9 for Android (GPS) SEA

Discussion in 'Mobile Software' started by estimacamry, Oct 6, 2012.

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  1. estimacamry

    estimacamry Tracker VIP


    Software Features:
    - Built-in 3D landmarks and 3D Buildings
    - Junction Views
    - Detailed Map Data
    - Multi Navigation Mode: 2D/3D/Split Screen
    - Auto Rotate

    - Road Elevation Display
    - i-Fly Touch Screen Interface
    - Simulation Inside Tunnels

    Operating System Requirement:-
    - Supported Operating System:
    *Android OS 4.0 or below

    - Handset Requirement: CPU 500MHz or above
    Flash 5MB above

    - Free Memory Space
    4GB or above

    - Supported Screen Resolution:
    240 x 320
    240 x 400
    320 x 240
    320 x 480
    400 x 240
    480 x 320
    480 x 800
    480 x 854
    540 x 960
    600 x 1024
    800 x 480
    800 x 1232
    800 x 1280
    854 x 480
    960 x 540
    1024 x 600
    1280 x 752
    1280 x 800

    Tested Models:
    Htc Sensation ( O.S 4.0.3 ) - can run from external
    Motorola Atrix ( O.S 2.3.6 ) - only run from internal
    Motorola Razr ( O.S 2.3.6 ) - only run from internal
    Samsung Note
    Samsung Galaxy S
    Samsung Galaxy S2
    HTC Desire HD
    HTC Desire Z
    HTC Desire S
    Samsung Galaxy Tab 7
    Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus
    Samsung galaxy tab 7.7
    Samsung galaxy tab 8.9
    Samsung galaxy tab 10.1
    Google Nexus
    Samsung Y
    HTC Hero
    Samsung Galaxy Note
    Samsung Galaxy S3
    HTC One X

    Login or Signup to view links / downloads
    Password: xiaopan
    Map ( Malaysia,Brunei and Singapore)Latest map "MFM-PPG-X8.5-X9-130307" now comes Pre-loaded with "AES" camera detection and warning.
    Login or Signup to view links / downloads

    Organic files for 1280X720 here Login or Signup to view links / downloads
    (Download and extract. Paste files to NaviSEA\Organic, when prompt to replace click "YES"

    1. Download and extract software.You will get a folder "NaviSEA"
    2. Download map mediafire link. Extract and copy map folder to NaviSEA/Maps/.
    3. Transfer the whole NaviSEA folder to your phone. Search for "Estima_M9SEA.apk"
    4. Install and you are good to go.
    5. Anyone need maps for other countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong or Vietnam please PM me. I will try my best to get the links.
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  2. emon11

    emon11 Well-Known Member

    hi there what about maps for UK and Ireland ? thanks
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  3. estimacamry

    estimacamry Tracker VIP

    Sorry mate,
    Only for South East Asia region (SEA). Try Sygic, it has better map coverage or if you own a Symbian phone then use Garmin. Let me know if you wanna try Garmin. I will show you how to install Garmin on your Symbian phone.
  4. Mr. Penguin

    Mr. Penguin Administrator Staff Member Administrator Moderator VIP

    Those maps look amazing :) Wonder if there is an Australian one. I will have a looksee
  5. Crackerz Wave

    Crackerz Wave The Dictator Staff Member Moderator VIP

    Thanks estimacamry, u also can make post for garmin and android phone have both papago and sygic:D
  6. estimacamry

    estimacamry Tracker VIP

    I have done Sygic. Will make a tutorial for Garmin soon but its only for Symbian phones. No Garmin for android at this moment. Tom Tom has just started to support android, haven't test it yet cause its meant for Europe countries. Will try to get more information on Tom Tom before I make another tutorial.
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    They have maps for OZ but too bad no one willing to share can try Sygic at this moment while waiting for Tom Tom OZ to hit the shelf.
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  7. daysun

    daysun Active Member

    Got HK / Macau and Thailand Maps for Papago M9 ?,

    How to add map ??
  8. estimacamry

    estimacamry Tracker VIP

    Thailand Oct 2012 map Login or Signup to view links / downloads
    1. Download and extract files.
    2. Copy map folder to this location...NaviSEA\Maps\
    3. Run M9, go to Menu\Settings\Map Version\ TH 121001 M
    4. Done!
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  9. daysun

    daysun Active Member

    Will try lather due to download Limit of login attempts exeeded.

    Do u hv HK and Macau Map ??

    Need it also.

  10. daysun

    daysun Active Member

    thks mate.
  11. estimacamry

    estimacamry Tracker VIP

    Sorry mate, couldn't locate the HK map for you. Guess you have to search on some chinese GPS forum to get the link.
  12. Mr. Penguin

    Mr. Penguin Administrator Staff Member Administrator Moderator VIP

    I believe naepe it still needs to download the maps. Which is quite large.
  13. estimacamry

    estimacamry Tracker VIP

    1.Download the software from link at 1st post
    2. Extract and you will get a folder "NaviSEA"
    3. Download Thailand Map from link at post 8
    4. Extract map you will get "TH_121001_M_Z_M9"
    5. Put Thai map here NaviSEA\Maps\TH_121001_M_Z_M9
    6. Copy the whole NaviSEA folder (with map included) to the root of your SDcard
    7. Locate this file "Estima_M9SEA.apk" and install from your phone

    No registration needed to use this navigator
  14. laili

    laili Member

    hi,can this software run on samsung galaxy tab 2 7.0 and is it an offline mode (no data charges)?
  15. estimacamry

    estimacamry Tracker VIP

    This navigator runs on satellite detection so you don't need data activation. It support any android device up to version ICS 4.0. Which country are you from coz its limited to SEA only
  16. laili

    laili Member

    hi, i'm from malaysia and using samsung galaxy tab 2 7.0 with A-GPS supported, i dont want to use google map cause its has a data charge.
  17. estimacamry

    estimacamry Tracker VIP

    1. Download software from 1st post ( login user: password: melinda ) premium account. Download fast as premium account expires on 30/10/2012.
    2. Extract the file (password: xiaopan) and you will get "NaviSEA"
    3. Download latest Malaysia/Singapore/Brunei map here Login or Signup to view links / downloads
    5. Extract map files "MFM-PPG-X8.5-X9-121003"
    6. Copy "MFM-PPG-X8.5-X9-121003" to NaviSEA\Maps\(map file here)
    7. Transfer the whole "NaviSEA" folder (ncluding map) to the root of your SDcard.
    8. Locate ""Estima_M9SEA.apk" and install from your phone. Done!
    9. If you encounter force close then move "NaviSEA" folder to the root of your internal memory and install again.
    Enjoy free GPS without paying excessive data charges:D
  18. laili

    laili Member

    thanks estimacamry, login lbarezzi premium account already exceed, i download from normal version, its take me more than one hour to download, hope this work on my tablet. thank you very much..:dance
  19. estimacamry

    estimacamry Tracker VIP

    It should work by default. If you face any problem just let me know.
  20. Desmond2020

    Desmond2020 Member

    Dear estimacamry, thanks for sharing this great program. By the way, where can i download Australia map? thanks.
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