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    Server 1:

    Dell PowerEdge 2900 - Tower/5u

    CPU: Dual Xeon Quad Core 2.0Ghz
    Ram: 38Gb ECC
    Storage: 3 Perc6/i Raid 120Gb HDD / 1 80Gb RD1000 tape
    OS: OpenSUSE Leap 43.2 _64
    PSU: Dual redundant 930w hotswap
    Function: Qemu/KVM/XEN lab

    Server 2:

    Gateway shell - Tower

    CPU: Intel Core i3 Dual Core HT 3.07Ghz
    Ram: 8Gb
    Storage: 1Tb WD Black HDD
    OS: Lubuntu 16.04 _64
    PSU: 450w
    Function: Qemu/KVM VPS/Webmin - http, ftp

    Server 3:

    Dell GX280 - Form factor

    CPU: Intel Pentium4 HT 3.20 Ghz
    Ram: 4Gb (3Gb usable, 1Gb Swap)
    Storage: 500Gb WD Blue
    OS: Lubuntu 16.04 _x86
    PSU: 150w
    Function: LAMP/XAMP lab

    Laptop 1:

    Dell Latitude E6400

    CPU: Intel Core2 Duo 2.2Ghz
    Ram: 4Gb
    Storage: No HDD / Strictly USB/SD
    OS: TCL
    Function: Audit/Pentest

    Laptop 2:

    HP 17-x116dx

    CPU: Intel i5-7200 Dual Core HT 2.50Ghz
    Ram: 8Gb
    Storage: 500Gb WD Black
    OS: Lubuntu 16.04 _64 / Parrot-Sec OS 3.9 _64
    Function: Dev/Audit/Pentest

    Main Rig:

    Full custom

    CPU: Intel Pentium G3220 Dual Core - Old I know
    MB: MSI H97K - Mil-Spec
    Ram: 16Gb
    Storage: 1Tb WD Black / 75Gb external
    Video: No onboard / 1Gb MSI LP Silent - Dual display
    OS: UbuntuMATE 16.04 _64
    PSU: 550w
    Function: Primary workhorse/Everything

    IMG_20171129_103413.jpg IMG_20171129_103422.jpg IMG_20171129_103429.jpg IMG_20171129_103436.jpg IMG_20171129_103456.jpg IMG_20171129_103521.jpg IMG_20171129_103531.jpg
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