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    no respons ??
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    Bidirectional Antenna, Difficult Use At village
  3. Remington

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    That has a Ralink 3070 chip, a RTL8187L would be better. There is info in this site about peoples success with the 3070 chip in the Wireless Networking Cards section.
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    Good news the RT3070 is compatible with Xiaopan 0.4.4. Let us know how it goes.
  4. jem

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    not work with 0.4.4 , when i boot the live cd (i burn it ) it said ' file missing ' , i wondering what file is missing ?
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  5. Remington

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    You should try VMware. If you are having problems post questions in the Xiaopan 0.4.4 download thread for help.
  6. jem

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    not working too
  7. reyman76

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    any suggestion?:joy what antena booster good for used???
  8. Remington

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    What usb cards to use has already been covered many times. As for antennas, that depends on what you want to do.
  9. estimacamry

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    I have a card which stated rt3070
    Tried BT5, Xiaopan and Reaver Pro but all with error. Manage to get card into monitor mode but airodump gives me 0 AP and injection test failed too. After trying a few times, once it started injection while running minidweb-gtk but it stops collecting ivs after few minutes. Just for info, the router is in the same house:(
    I have managed to update my compat wireless and my signalking rt3070 is working well now. Credit must be given to meknb for sharing this Login or Signup to view links / downloads
    For liveUSB
    1. Download and extract
    2. Copy compat-wireless-3.2.5-1.tcz and paste to cde\optional folder and you are done
    For ISO
    1. Download and install this Login or Signup to view links / downloads ImJoJo thanks for sharing this
    2. Run "winiso" and open your iso image
    3. Copy compat-wireless-3.2.5-1.tcz and paste to cde\optional folder. Hit "save" and you would have a newly updated iso
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  10. ImJoJo

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    I owned it...actually, it really shows many signals but you wont be able to connect to most of them..sad but true..
  11. ActiveCop Reiko

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    I also owned it...actually, it really shows sooooooooo many signals and i am able to connect to most of them, otherwise it means that i must crack them... happy with this true.
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    I use the same chip and look's like it was made for this Release, so as for Beini or Backtrack 5 r3,
    'Im very happy with RT3070 runing without issues.
    Try using the latest torrent version iso file.
    Maybe you ISO is from a corrupted download.
  12. Johnny Tung

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    try Alfa Tube U (g), put at your roof top, u will see the result ;)
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