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USB Modem Hacking

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking Cards' started by rempit, Jul 3, 2012.

  1. rempit Active Member VIP

    Anyone knows how to hack a USB MODEM so that we can carry it with us all the time and get online for free anytime and anywhere we want?




  2. creezalird great disturbance

    by free, i am not sure what u are really referring to. but depends on your telco provider in your country, some quota can be bypassed.
  3. Mr. Penguin Administrator Staff Member Administrator Moderator VIP

    You would need to hack the sim card since it is 3G. It is possible to carrier unlock these quite easily.
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  4. rempit Active Member VIP

    "quota can be bypassed" means if i subscribe from telco provider a 3G USB Modem, after hacked, the quota limit will be gone/bypassed and then the 3G USB MODEM can download unlimited videos, right?

    which means I still need to subscribe and pay monthly to the telco provider, right?
  5. Mr. Penguin Administrator Staff Member Administrator Moderator VIP

    Can you please stop double posting, there is an edit button. It is pissing me off. Thank you. :)

    No you will still need a plan. It is with all other SIM devices. But if you network unlock it you will be free to choose who your next carrier is.
  6. creezalird great disturbance

    like Mr. Penguin said, you still need a data plan from telco, it is just that you can bypass the bandwith quota limit that is normally imposed by the telco, but not all of them. and also the hack is telco and country dependant.
  7. Crackerz Wave The Dictator Staff Member Moderator VIP

    u can try moonlight vpn
  8. rempit Active Member VIP

    I have just downloaded Moonlight VPN, now figuring out how to use it....
  9. TCB13 iKlive Networks CEO Staff Member Administrator VIP

    From my point of view one of the easiest ways to go around the payment would be using two 3g devices one connected to a computer with internet and another on the go.

    At least in some ISPs I know the access to the MMS APN is free and you only pay if you send an MMS over their MMS Proxy, this means that you can theoretically send data between two devices connected to this APN without paying for it. So... Just do some OpenVPN tunneling over the two devices and it should be good.

    (Internet) <----> HousePC <----> Device1< ------> (MMS APN) <------> Device2 <------> YourLaptop
    OpenVPN Tunnel​
  10. Crackerz Wave The Dictator Staff Member Moderator VIP

    didnt u need to buy it......u need a account package
  11. Mr. Penguin Administrator Staff Member Administrator Moderator VIP

    This is the first time I have heard of this Moonlight VPN. I know when I connect to my university via VPN on a 3G device it still uses data. The data is still being sent to / from your device. I have read the http://moonlightvpn.net/about-us/ page and it doesn't seem as magical as what you might be looking for.
  12. Crackerz Wave The Dictator Staff Member Moderator VIP

    i think it work cause i have use it...before this i use broadband and the quota is 2gb, when use the moonlight i have download many movies, without getting the quota message. and it also provide us the maximum speed of the broadband
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    this is the proof (not mine but the result is almost the same)[​IMG]
  13. Mr. Penguin Administrator Staff Member Administrator Moderator VIP

    That is awesome if it does work, let us know if it does (and post some screenshots) and be careful not to go over your data limit. In Australia it is as high as $.02 per mb you are over. You don't want a huge bill ;)
  14. Crackerz Wave The Dictator Staff Member Moderator VIP

    yeah u r right..dont take risk, but now i didnt used it......i use wifi
  15. rempit Active Member VIP

    I need a bit of digestion to get to know more about VPN (I'm too stupid :( ), anyway thanks guys for replying....

    I now busy Googling using keywords like ...."free unlimited usb modem"

    I found some really cool youtube videos, see this link below?
    This guy proof he can hack USB MODEM and get connected to the internet for free and unlimited usage... by using only a small pop-up application with only a few clicks.

  16. rioboy Newbie

    pop up sounds like an invitation to have a virus running...beware?
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  17. rempit Active Member VIP

    Oh yes, you gotta be very careful, there are so many ciruses out there
  18. Sakaniator Newbie

    Hi, guys...

    I'm new here, and I'm learning too much from you! :)

    I'd like to know more about that Moonlight program, I downloaded it and installed, but I don't know how to make work... Here is the thing, I'm from Brazil, and here we pay a lot for internet. I use 3G because in my neighbour we don't have regular cable internet, but when my quote is over, the speed fells to 56Kbps. So I wanna try this program and see if I can use a better internet!

  19. Crackerz Wave The Dictator Staff Member Moderator VIP

    the vpn only for telco in malaysia....sorry...btw moonlight have bankrupt..im use the alternative
  20. Sakaniator Newbie

    That's sad... :(

    But thanks anyway. I'll keep looking for an alternative to have a better internet, I don't wanna pay a little fortun for this.