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    Ok so I am going to create a Xiaopan Compatibility List of various cards as the crowd source idea failed. If you test your card, please create a table and let us know the following:

    If submitting a bug or issue report for Xiaopan and if you do not follow the correct format below your thread will be deleted!

    Chipsete.g: RTL8187L
    MAC AddressOnly first 6 characters XX:XX:XX for vendor identification
    Brande.g: ALFA, Kasens etc
    Adapter Typee.g: PCI / MiniPCI / PCMCIA / CardBus / Express Card / PCI Express / PCI-X / MiniPCI Express
    Xiaopan Version 
    Other versions triedWhat other Xiaopan versions have you used? Did a particular version work or still have the same issue
    Injection Test 
    Method of Runninge.g VMware 9 in Windows 7
    Problems & Notes 
    Steps to ReproduceIf an error happens please, state what you did before you got that error in a series of steps you performed
    What have you attemptedWhat have you tried to get it to work and have you researched the problem and what did you find out?
    Is this card compatibleYes? no? partially?
    Note that if it is not Xiaopan related but you still have a support request, you do not have to fill in the table above
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