Xiaopan OS 0.3.4 

• Added Realtek rtl8188cu and rtl8192cu drivers
• Added Ralink rt73 driver
• Reaver update to 1.4-r107  (fixed the r92 fault)
• Updated Atheros ar9170 & ar5523 drivers
• Updated rtl8187 and rt3070 drivers
• Included rfkill to kill processes

Xiaopan OS 0.3.5

• Reaver update to 1.4
• Added Inflator 1.0.1
• Added support for BCM43xx models

Xiaopan OS 0.3.6 

• Wash fix for can not scan (ar9271, rtl8187L, rt3070 tested)
• Update minidwep-gtk-30131b (This version with reaver)
• Added 8188su, 8191su and 8192su drivers
• Better injection support
• Scan intervals increased over 1 minute
Issue: 8187B and 8187L driver conflicts

Xiaopan OS 0.3.7

 • Fixed injection on cards including rt3070, ar9271 and rtl8187
• Readded the official driver to use the official driver to run / home/tc/ official version to resolve 0 signal strength.
• Update Minidwep 30208
• Resolution changed to 800 x 600

Xiaopan OS (Download)

• Update to Minidwep 30211 to optimise 1 minute scan time

Xiaopan OS 0.3.8 (Download)

• Repaired 8187L MAC casually transform for random MAC address
• Add reaver 1.3 and selected 1.4 as the default. Can be converted if you run ~/ home/tc/

Xiaopan OS 0.4 (Download)

• Core update to 4.4
• Added Chinese fonts DejaVu, Sans Yuan, Ti Condensed
• Added 8187L official driver•
• Feedingbottle update 3.2.1 to 3.2.3
• Minidwep-gtk 30303 update
• 0.3.8 Intel NIC driver bug fixed
• Add rtl8188DU rtl8192DU drivers
• This is a compat-driven switch. If you do not use this card, or have ab rtk8187b not rtl8187l you need to swtich it need to swich it by running this script:  ~/home/tc/
Issue: RT3070 can not use wash scanning in Reaver

Xiaopan OS 0.4.1 (Download)

 • Update to update Reaver to 1.4-r113
• Minidwep updated to 30328
• Xorg-7.6-lib permission update to fix the wash issue in the previous build
• 8187L does not require the switch

Xiaopan OS 0.4.2 (Download)

• Update to Tinycore 4.5
• Minidwep 30419 update
• Compat wireless firmware update (that includes updated and new drivers including the rlt8192su)
Issue: This version does not support fully support the rtl8187B (PWR 0 issue, add the -C parameter). You can run the / home/tc/ compat driver.

Xiaopan OS 4.2.1 (Download)

• Added PWR -1 patch

XiaoPan | English Version (Download)

• Added English as default language. XFE and Minidwep are now in English!
• Changed resolution from 800 x 600 to 1024 x 768
• Default TinyCore background
• Added Black Background on boot
• Added useful text documents for the following commands

Xiaopan OS is community driven, without active users the project will cease to exist. Therefore developments and improvements are largely due to help from the users. Share this on Facebook, twitter and tell your friends! Signup to the forums to ask for help or share something you have learned.