Aircrack-NG 1.2

The best pentesting suite ever used. Great for WPA and WEP cracking

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    SHA1: 2b2fbe50fedb606b3bd96a34d49f07760e8e618a MD5: 3bbc7d5035a98ec01e78774d05c3fcce
    Fourth release candidate. There will be another one, some small bugs still need to be fixed but it should happen fairly soon. On top of a big speed increase (up to 175% increase) that also fixes compilation on Cygwin 64 bit, it includes a ton of fixes and improvements on Linux, *BSD, Solaris and Cygwin on x86 and Linux on ARM and MIPS.


    • Airodump-ng: Increase console window size.
    • Aircrack-ng: Added time remaining and percentage done when doing WPA cracking with a dictionary (file).
    • Aircrack-ng: Make benchmark last 15 seconds for a more accurate value.
    • Aircrack-ng: Fixed compilation on Cygwin 64 and drastically improve cracking speed for all CPUs (up to +175% performance).
    • Airmon-ng: Improved chipset detection on FreeBSD.
    • Airmon-ng: Display chipset for some Broadcom SDIO.
    • Airbase-ng: Fixed broadcasting 'default'.
    • General: Updated and cleanup TravisCI file to test compilation and testing on OSX.
    • General: Fixed reading large files on Cygwin.
    • General: Fixed a bunch of compilation warnings with gcc and clang.
    • General: Fixed compilation on Solaris, OpenBSD, DragonFlyBSD 4.4, NetBSD, OSX.
    • General: Fixed compilation on ARM and MIPS.
    • General: Improved compatibility on FreeBSD and Cygwin (RAM and CPU detection).
    • General: Fixed gcc segfault on cygwin.
    • General: Memory cleanups, fixed memory leaks and fix other issues reported by Valgrind.
    • Testing: Fixes on various OSes.
    • INSTALLING: Updated installation instructions for different OS.
    • TravisCI: Improved file.
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