Aircrack-NG 1.2

The best pentesting suite ever used. Great for WPA and WEP cracking

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    Mr. Penguin
    It's been way too long since the last stable release.

    Compared to the last stable, 1.1, this release has a huge amount of improvements and fixes. The changelog since 1.1 is almost 300 lines long (1200+ commits). Code quality has improved, in parts thanks to Coverity Scan. We now switched to GitHub completely and have a few buildbots (including one for Windows) to test building and run the test suite on a different platforms.

    Check out our blog post and changelog for more details.

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    SHA1: ccc7a44ad2243c66b9a45fe133514485a72d674f MD5: bb11ec14e1fe505d8d0d51cee0c54df9
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