Cloak 3.33

Keeps you safe when you're connected to public networks on iPad, iPhone, iTouch & Mac

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    Cloak is a service for your Mac, iPhone, and iPad that keeps you safe when you're connected to public wireless networks like those found at coffee shops, hotels, airports, and conferences. Note that this is the Mac version. For others visit iTunes:

    Note: You must first sign up to use Cloak.


    Exactly how unsafe are public hotspots? Here's a recent CBC report about Firesheep, a hacking tool that makes it shockingly easy to steal your stuff.

    With Cloak, safety is just a click away. Here's why:
    • No setup or configuration: it just works.
    • Automatically detects insecure networks and keeps you safe.
    • Rock-solid, industry standard encryption technologies.
    • Protects all your apps, not just your Web browser.
    • Supports all your Apple devices, not just your laptop.
    Curious how Cloak works under the hood? Check out our technology deep dive.

    Version 1.1.3:
    • OverCloak is now enabled by default. After extensive real-world testing and given our commitment to industry-leading security, ourOverCloak feature will now be enabled by default on supported systems.
    • This release also includes detection of additional conflicting VPN clients and some diagnostic improvements.

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