Dumpper 91.2a

Designed to scan for networks and lists default WPS pins derived from certain brands / vendors

  1. Developer Issues with Project Sourceforge Gone Offline Rehosted Here

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    That's all folks.
  2. 90.2 to 91.2

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    ChangeLog history:


    ● Wps: Added function to generate QR code when making a successful connection


    ● Wps: Added function to scan networks in continuous mode
    ● Wps: Added function to manually select an algorithm
    ● Wps: Fixed bug affecting LiveBox router with Essid changed


    ● Wps: Added function to complete the data of networks Orange-XXXX

  3. Major Update

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    ChangeLog history: v.90.3
    ● Wps: Fixed bug affecting network icons received
    ● Wps: Minor changes in the PinList editor
    ● Networks: Fixed bug that did not allow to connect to networks with hidden Essid
    ● Networks: Added RSSI display And quality in real time
    ● Networks: Added box to select the type of key with WEP encryption
    ● Others: Changed dependency Framework 3.5 by version 4.0

    ● Wps: Added updatable database of known Pines and Bssid v.90.1 ● Wps: Added default pin 12345670 for...
  4. New Algorithms a Plenty

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    ChangeLog history: v.80.9
    ● ComputePIN algorithm: E0: 41: 36 (MOVISTAR_XXXX)
    ● ComputePIN: 50: A7: 2B (Orange-XXXX)
    ● ComputePIN: 68: A0: F6 (Orange-XXXX)
    ● ComputePIN: F4: 8E: 92 (Orange-XXXX)
    ● ComputePIN: 84 : DB: AC (Orange-XXXX)
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  5. Bug Fix

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    ● Other: Added PayPal account to donate v.80.7
    ● Wps: Fixed a bug that affected WpsWin in Windows 10
  6. Bruteforce Fix

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    Wps: Fixed a bug that affected the progress of BruteForce
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  7. More Languages and Removed Dependencies

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    Added support for 40 languages online
    Removed dependencies WpsWin redistributables
  8. Minor Change

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    WPS Recompiled WpsWin with another method to avoid false positives
  9. Updates

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    ● Changes to BruteForce
    ● Changes to WpsWin
  10. Bruteforce function

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    Wps v.80.2: New function BruteForce
    ● Wps: Added default pin 12345670 MOVISTAR_XXXX networks for mac F8: FB 56