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learn the basics of pentesting

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  1. Fantastic
    with this pdf you can learn the basics of hacking,pentesting and much more just enjoy reading it, may be boring but so worth it

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  1. vijay420
    Version: v2.0
    nice ebook....worth reading and is really easy to understand. thank you
  2. pikipaus
    Version: v2.0
    every kind of ethical education is positive,and much welcome.otherwise,everything we try to build and create here,no use and sense.we must learn mechanism,and build better enviroenment for future discovering.this ebook is one contribution for this universal idea.we must support and encoruage that people.
    tehcnicaly,ebook is a digest resource-very usefull
    i will put this ebook in sign-in memorandum :),and then the other one,and then the other...
    plesure to post