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send anonymous emails from any different address

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    If you want to make some fun with your friends and fake them using this Fake & Anonymous Email sender, then you can! Not only you can send anonymous emails, but also you can Send Emails as from any other Different Email Address, in addition the email will not be caught in the spam folder of gmail, yahoo, hotmail or any other...

    How Fake Mailer Works?

    This website can send anonymous and fake emails using an altered (faked) email header to make it appear as from another address, because SMTP doesn't require any authentication, which totally makes it anonymous.

    What's the Features of this Website?

    The website we are going to talk about, have many features that increases the anonymity of the sent email:

    • Not Filtered as SPAM : The email is not filtered as a SPAM and will appear in the inbox folder for all the popular email services like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail ...
    • No server to send the email from: The sent email will appear as the different email address without any server addresses to appear.
    • HTML & Text emails: You can send HTML emails too.
    • Attachment: You can also include files as attachment.
    • Advanced settings: Email header, SMTP server, Priority, date to send, Reply-to, Character encoding...

    How to Send Anonymous Email From Any Different Address

    1) Go to Emkei.Cz

    2) It will show you a list of fields to fill:

    • From Name: The name of the sender.
    • From Email: The email of the sender (e.g: [email protected] )
    • To: The recipient's address.
    • Subject: The subject to send.
    • Attachment: Attach any additional files, screenshots or any other stuff.
    • Content Type: Choose from HTML or Text form.
    • Text: The text to send.


    3) After filling out the form, input the Re-Captcha Codes and Click Send.


    4) The email should be sent in no time, and it would appear in the Inbox folder like below: