FiberTel WiFiXXX cracker

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  1. Mr. Penguin
    FiberCrunch v3 is a software solution for Windows which automates the process of cracking handshake Network FiberTel WiFiXXX of Argentina. It currently has the support of Crunch to automatically generate dictionaries for cracking, with no requirement for additional disk space. It also has preloaded, all current standards, a total of 26 patterns recompiled from: Create WPA dictionary for FiberTel WiFixxx

    created by lucaseo

    • Network cracking WPA SSID: FiberTel WiFiXXX
    • Crackeo por CPU con AirCrack-NG + Crunch
    • Crackeo por GPU con AirCrack-NG + Hashcat (cuda/olc)
    • 26 possible pre-loaded dictionaries.
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