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    Hiew (short for Hacker's view) is a popular console hex editor for Windows written by Eugene Suslikov (sen). Amongst its feature set is its ability to view files in text, hex and disassembly mode. The program is particularly useful for editing executable files such as COFF, PE or ELF executable files.

    Features of release VIII:
    view and edit files of any length in text, hex, and decode modes
    x86-64 disassembler & assembler
    physical & logical drive view & edit
    support for NE, LE, LX, PE/PE32+ and little-endian ELF/ELF64 executable formats
    support for Netware Loadable Modules like NLM, DSK, LAN,...
    following direct call/jmp instructions in any executable file with one touch
    pattern search in disassembler
    built-in simple 64bit decrypt/Crypt system
    built-in powerful 64bit calculator
    block operations: read, write, fill, Copy, MOVE, insert, delete, crypt
    multifile search and replace
    keyboard macros
    unicode support
    Hiew Extrenal Module (HEM) support
    ArmV6 disassembler


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