Intercepter-NG (ROOT) 1.7

Intercepter-NG is a multifunctional network toolkit for various types of IT specialists.

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  1. coolcots
    I like to share something useful as well! =]

    The main features are:

    * network discovery with OS detection
    * network traffic analysis
    * passwords recovery
    * files recovery

    WARNING! If you face any problems reinstall busybox and supersu!

    What's New
    1.7 New:
    + Netmask bug fixed
    + Subnet scanning improved
    + Address bar in Cookie Viewer
    + Data view in Raw Mode
    1.6 New:
    + Updated scanning engine
    + Android 5 support
    + Portrait mode compatibility
    + Fixed sdcard issues
    + Cookie Killer
    + Forced Download
    + Fast poisoning
    + Improvements and fixes
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