ReVdK3-r2 Rev.2

Bully is added :)

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  1. ecrudragon
    ****************ReVdK3-r2 (Revision 2)********************************

    I have revised the script for those who prefer to use bully wps pin cracker. Now you have two options for pin cracking either reaver 1.4 or bully

    Dependency checks:
    the program checks to see if you have the following are installed so that the script can function well
    [1] reaver
    [2] bully (if you are using)
    [3] mdk3
    [4] aireplay-ng
    [5] gnome-terminal
    [5] timeout

    Possbily the last revision of the script since new access points are getting invulnerable to the attacks...however i will experiment new attacks and see if they are effective for rebooting APs [​IMG] of luck ReVdK3 users!..[​IMG]

    Originally by repzeroworld from hak5

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  1. TidBit
    Version: Rev.2
    Great script, even better with Bully added.