Stellar Phoneix Windows Data Recovery Professional

Recover files from a damaged hard drive

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    Stellar Phoenix Partition Recovery - Professional
    • Recover your Lost, Formatted or Deleted partitions on Windows host
    • Recover complete data from a formatted partition
    • Raw recovery from hard drives with severe curruption
    • Start up DVD to recover data from unbootable systems
    • Cloning & Imaging of media with bad sectors
    • Data recovery from all inaccessible optical storage media
    This tool is immensely useful for all Windows users to get back their precious data lost due to deletion, formatting or any similar reasons. Below are some of the prime features of the software.

    Get Back Deleted Partition
    Because of severe virus infection, file system corruption or such similar unresolved problems, sometimes, partitions need to be deleted. In such situations, you can use this software to undelete all your lost data from any FAT, NTFS or exFAT file system based deleted Windows partition.

    Recovery from Formatted Partition
    Sometimes, you format a partition and later realize that there was certain important data in that. Even at times, due to severe corruption or such similar issues, you are forced to format a drive/partition. In any such case, using Stellar Partition Recovery, you can retrieve all your data lost due to formatting of the partitions.

    Optical Media Recovery
    This recovery program can rescue your lost files from corrupt or damaged optical media, including CD/DVD, CD ROM, CD-RW, DVD, DVD-RW, and Blu-ray discs. The software supports all types of file systems used on CDs/DVDs, such as ISO 9660, Joliet, ISO 9660:1999, UDF, UDF Packet Writing, IFO/VOB Video, HFS, and Rock Ridge file systems.

    Advanced Photo Recovery Option
    The software has an advanced 'photo recovery' feature dedicated to recover your lost, formatted, or deleted photos from all types of storage media, including hard drives, USB drives, and memory cards. It scans your entire drive thoroughly and lists recoverable files based on their file types, such as JPG, BMP, GIF, and PNG. You can also add new file types to the supported list of file types for photo recovery.

    Audio/Video Recovery
    Recover all your lost songs, videos, movies, animated files or any other multimedia files, even though they are completely deleted from Windows based hard drives, USB flash drives, multimedia cards etc.

    Raw Recovery
    With this option of the software, you can retrieve data of any specific file type from your hard drive, any individual volume, or USB drive by selecting the file types you want to recover for immediate access of your most important files. Apart from a long list of given file types, you can also add, remove, edit any file type, save the selection and start the scanning process

    Impressive View Options of Scanned Files
    The software has a knack of sorting the scanned list of items in three different ways, i.e. 'Classical Tree', 'File Type List', and 'Filtered Tree'. The 'Classical Tree' lists files with their original hierarchy in the form of Windows directory structure, the 'File Type List' tab displays files based on the file types, and the 'Filtered Tree' option allows you to specify a file mask to narrow down the scan results.

    Preview Before Recovery
    The software lists all the recoverable files and folders in a tree view. Preview the selected file and cross check whether you are recovering the needed files, prior to actual recovery.

    Search Lost Volumes
    Stellar partition recovery software provides an option to search for completely lost/deleted volumes in the hard disk. You can use this option to list all the previously existed volumes in the hard drive. Thereafter you can perform Quick Recovery, Deleted File Recovery or Formatted/Lost File & Folder Recovery to easily recover all the data from the selected volume.

    Deleted Database Recovery
    Databases like Oracle, SQL Server, MS Access etc. store huge volumes of important data, hence, accidental deletion of the database or any of its objects can be a great loss. Stellar Partition Recovery can efficiently recover deleted/lost databases as well as its objects, with the original structure absolutely intact.

    Deleted File Recovery
    The software efficiently recovers deleted files, such as MS Word, Access, Excel, PowerPoint, BKF, ZIP files, etc.; from the hard drive volumes. When you proceed for 'Deleted File Recovery', you will find two scanning methods namely; Quick Scan and Deep Scan. 'Quick Scan' is faster but use 'Deep Scan' to thoroughly search each of the deleted files from the selected volume.

    Auto Update Wizard
    With the ‘Auto Update’ Wizard, the software prompts you to upgrade the present version of the software by automatically checking for any available minor or major update. All the minor updates are freely available to the users.

    Applying Compression to Recovered Files
    The software gives you an option to compress recovered files before saving them to your desired location so that you can save valuable space in the hard disk. Using this feature, you can choose to compress each file individually or save all the recovered files to a single compressed '.zip' folder.

    Signature Based Recovery
    Every file type has a particular signature that uniquely identifies it. This software recognizes the signatures of almost all file types. Thus, by using this unique feature, you can scan and recover all the files of a specified file signature, without scanning each file of the entire disk/volume one by one.

    Lost data from your RAID 5 server?
    In the following events, you face data loss from a RAID server;

    RAID controller failure
    Unsuccessful rebuild after multiple attempts
    Simultaneous failure of more than one disk
    The Technician License of the software helps you to recover data from RAID 5

    Advanced Tools

    With the 'Imaging' tool, you can make image (.img) of any selected media or volume and recover data from the .img file at any time using the 'Resume Recovery' option.

    The 'Cloning' utility helps you make an exact clone of a media and use it in case of any problem to the original media.

    With the 'SMART' tool, the software constantly monitors various parameters of the hard disk and sends warning messages against any possible failure. by keeping this you can avoid possible data loss in future due to hard drive failures

    CD to Boot your System
    The software comes with a Boot CD that can start your non-booting system and thereby helps you recover the lost or inaccessible data.
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