Tapatalk 2 for iPhone 2.2.3

View Xiaopan on your iPhone device and other forums easily

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  1. Fantasma
    Tapatalk 2 is the premium version over the original Tapatalk. Both versions will continue be supported and improved.

    Introducing Tapatalk 2 for iPhone
    Based on the popularity of the original Tapatalk forum app, we have redesigned and rewritten the app based on all your feedback in past three years - Tapatalk 2 for iPhone is by far the best forum app out there, with access to over 40,000 internet communities.


    Feature Highlights
    - Fully redesigned - gesture based forum navigation
    - Patent-pending contextual "Magic Wheel" provides super-quick access to all Tapatalk forum features such as Facebook / Twitter sharing, Thanks and Like, Discussion Subscription and more.
    - New Camera with Instagram style filters, one click photo-sharing to forum members
    - Tapatalk ID saves your favorite forums and settings under one account, works on multiple mobile platform
    - New Editor - a joy to type on iPhone to participate discussion on the go.
    - Made for iPhone 5
    - Push Notification - stay up-to-dated of your discussions and private messages.

    The original Tapatalk supports both iPhone and iPad. However, if you're looking for the best possible forum experience on iPhone - Get this app!

    Tapatalk 2 for iPhone works only on iPod and iPhone. Try our Tapatalk HD for iPad if you also have an iPad.

    What's New in Version 2.0.5
    This version

    New Features
    - Vimeo, Chrome and YouTube integration
    - New Camera and Photo Editor
    - Improved Attachment Handling
    - Prefixes and Topic Title Edit

    Bug Fixes and other enhancements
    - Push Notification improvement
    - Image viewing issues
    - Scrolling performance improvements
    - Many other crash and bug fixes

    Recent versions
    2.0.4 - Moderation and Landscape Mode

Recent Updates

  1. Bug fixing
  2. Released: 2013-09-24
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