The Ultimate Wordlists 1.0

a huge collection of dictionaries covering almost all popular word/numbers

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  1. Fantastic
    [BCOLOR=#000000]The Ultimate Wordlists Thread[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Wordlist one. made by me, its a makeup of all the best wordlists and a few of my own custom lists

    Version 1, WPA optimized passwords length 8-12 only(300mb,1.2GB):
    Version 2, full list (467mb, 1.9gb):

    Middle's wordlist: ~Coming soon hopefully~

    Complete Set of Openwall wordlists(133MB,586MB):

    optimized by me, Openwall 8-12 only for WPA(72MB, 292MB):

    Complete Set of InsidePro Wordlists(401MB,1539MB):

    Complete set of lists from Korelogic Security(988MB, 2.8GB):



    optimized by me, Rockyou 8-12 only for WPA:, 687KB):,241MB):

    10,000 most common(37KB,82KB): ~Deleted by filedropper Reuploading soon~

    7z format(544MB, 38.2GB):
    tar.gz format( 12.6GB,38.2GB): ~to big to upload~
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