TinyPaw-Linux v1.5

Lightweight Linux WiFi pentesting distro.

  1. v1.3 - released

    New TinyPaw-Linux release build!

    Almost a year and running, thanks to all the support so far.

    In this build there has been some... changes, fluxion and linset will no longer be included by default in favor of airgeddon. Along with that seamonkey has also been dropped in favor of fifth. There has been many updates to firmware, drivers and core files, as well as scripts and tools, pyqt4 and almost qt4 entirely have been dropped in favor of pyqt5 and qt5. There have been many necessary tweaks and some bug hunting - I know the *.iso size has grown and I apologize, I have tried to shed just about every non essential package - hoping this is a more formidable stable release in comparison to previous builds.

    Thank you for your support!

    *Oh, BTW sourceforge automated serverside malware scan has flagged v1.3 as having malware/shell code within it. Let me be the first to say, it absolutely does - both EaST and RouterSploit contain live/active exploitation code and frameworks to launch it - So yes, yes it does contain this, and so has every version of TinyPaw-Linux. This release contains updates to EaST and the newest build (at the time of this posting) of RouterSploit, so new build, new modules, new exploit code - new signatures flagged by their malware scan*

    For hybrid iso: TinyPaw_v1.3_hybrid.iso
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