Transmit 4.4.3

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  1. Major Update

    Mr. Penguin
    This is compressed as a zip and a .7z you will need WinRAR to ultimately extract it.

    Transmit 4.4.3

    Released on 9/25/13

    • Fixed an issue preventing Transmit 3 to Transmit 4 favorites migration
    • Fixed an issue with Dropbox sync reliability
    Transmit 4.4.2

    Released on 9/10/13

    • Fixed an issue that prevented saving files with an external editor under OS X Mavericks
    Transmit 4.4.1

    Released on 7/2/13

    • Fixed a potential crash when using Transmit Disk on a non-admin account
    • Fixed Growl support on 10.6
    • Fixed an issue where NFS shares would not appear properly in the browser
    • Improved DockSend reliability when dragging multiple folders and files
    • Improved Retina compatibility
    Transmit 4.4

    Released on 5/7/13

    • New! The S3 server address can now be modified for non-Amazon S3-compatible servers. (Leave blank for the default.)
    • Fixed an issue with connecting to some Sharepoint servers via WebDAV
    Transmit 4.3.4

    Released on 5/1/13

    • Fixed an issue with Transmit's UI not responding when trying to perform a folder synchronize on 10.6
    • Fixed an issue where connecting to FTP via TLS/SSL would fail for some servers
    • Fixed a possible crash when Transmit is minimized during a transfer
    • Fixed a possible issue when downloading server favicons for favorites
    • Fixed an issue with Transmit Disk auto-updating
    Transmit 4.3.3

    Released on 3/7/13

    • Fixed a possible crash dragging remote files from Coda to Transmit
    • Fixed a possible crash Importing FileZilla favorites
    • Favorites Sync is now more reliable when merging changes from the cloud
    • Transmit Disk can now connect to more key-authorized favorites
    • The dock icon is no longer comically small on 10.6.8
    • Cleaned up General preference pane layout
    • Places window animation has improved on 10.6.8
    • Sorting favorites no longer results in capitalized favorites thinking they are better than non-capitalized ones
    Transmit 4.3.2

    Released on 2/14/13

    • Fixed an issue connecting to servers using Private Keys
    • Fixed a problem where some custom Favorite icons could be lost
    • Fixed an issue where Transmit Disk Menu wouldn't show all Favorites
    • Updated AppleScript and Automator actions
    Transmit 4.3 + 4.3.1

    Released on 2/12/13

    • New! Sync your favorites using Dropbox
    • Added inaccessible Amazon S3 regions for Sao Paulo, Sydney, and Oregon
    • Fixed a possible issue where using a remote path of "~" would cause unnecessary downloading
    • (4.3.1) Fixed an error when migrating sites that use high port numbers
    • Miscellaneous fixes and engine updates
    • Transmit now requires Mac OS X 10.6.8 or higher
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