Ultimate ZIP Cracker

Designed for recovering lost passwords from many popular file type

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    About the program
    The Ultimate ZIP Cracker was initially created to recover ZIP file passwords. This is why the name has ZIP in it. Later we added support for other popular programs, but we still use the same name.

    Password recovery
    In most cases there is no way to instantly recover or decode a password. We only can try many different passwords for validity. The simplest search method consists of testing of all possible passwords. This method is called a 'Brute Force attack'. This is a slow method. Smart optimization algorithms are used in the Ultimate ZIP Cracker to make a Brute Force attack as fast as possible. However, because the Brute Force attack can take a very long time to find your lost password theUltimate ZIP Cracker automatically saves the already searched results during the search. This way if a search is interrupted you can resume where you left off.

    Other search methods
    Alternative search methods can be used when you know some additional information about the password you are trying to recover:

    Password Wizard
    This method combines several simple search methods. The Password Wizard is highly recommended when you are using the Ultimate ZIP Cracker for the very first time.

    Smart search
    This method also can be called a 'Human factor' search. For example, if your recall that your password was a pronounceable combination of English letters without numbers then theSmart search can find your password faster.

    Dictionary search
    You can use the dictionary of more than 214,000 words to search for the password. Different case combinations and word mutations are available. Also you can use your own dictionary (this can be any text file).

    Date search
    More than 5,000 date formats are used to generate password strings for a given date range.

    Customized search
    In most cases you remember the way you created the password. Say, your name + some number. Or some garbled word surrounded by two characters - ^pefrume&. Use this information to construct your search template. The template can be saved in a file and loaded back later.

    Guaranteed decryption
    This method guarantees that any encrypted Microsoft Word or Excel 97/2000 document will be decrypted within a reasonable time (about 2 weeks (or less) when running on an average Pentium IV system).

    This method is NOT based on password testing.
    Each password you enter is translated into 5-bytes (40 bits) value called 'key' that is then used to encrypt the document body. The Ultimate ZIP Cracker will test all possible key values to find a valid one.

    The number of keys is very large: 1,099,511,627,776. However the number of possible passwords is much bigger. For instance, the number of character combinations in a 10-characters alpha-digital password is 839,299,365,868,340,224. In addition, the key testing is 3 times faster! The full search time for such a password is about 150 years!

    Plaintext attack
    This method will decrypt your whole encrypted ZIP file if you have another unencrypted ZIP file (called plaintext file) which contains at least one file from the encrypted archive. Click 'Find' to locate the plaintext file automatically. When finished decryption the program will try to decode the password, or, if you wish, will write the decrypted file to the disk.
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