Vampiric Bunny Tech Disk 0.0.2b

Massive USB / CD that includes Xiaopan, Aby$m OS, BackTrack & Windows 7

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  1. vampiricbunny1800
    OK people i didn't make the software just made it a bit easier.

    This must be the ultimate Multboot CD / USB available and highly useful for fellow Xiaopan Forum members :)

    It Currently Has the Following Softwares
    • Kali Linux (Backtrack 6) (x64 version)
    • Windows 7 Tiny (x86 version)
    • Aby$m OS 0.0.3
    • Xiaopan
    • Xiaopan SliTaz
    • Hiren's Boot CD 15.X (revised )
    • Windows XP
    • Pass Scape (windows password hacker or changer )
    • Boot n Nuke
    • and a few other things
    How this works
    1 Download all the files
    2 UnZIP them and put them on a USB (that is Fat32 formatted )
    3 Enjoy

    Note: Some computers have some issues with one os but not another such as my computer will not run Xiaopan Slitaz so it does run tiny core Xiaopan or Aby$m so i included them all to be useful to the most people...


    if it does not work
    1) wave's your arms around and scream
    2) use bad language
    3) if one and 2 don't work blame Mr .P I don't know how or why its his fault but given enough time i could cook up something that sounds legitimate... ( kidding) special thanks to him for all the help or this would not work.

    I am currently trying to turn this into a ISO for those BOIS that do not boot to USB.

    Password for ZIP file is : xiaopan
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  1. boris arriagada
    boris arriagada
    Version: 0.0.2b
    great job
    1. vampiricbunny1800