Vampiric Bunny Tech Disk 0.0.6

ISO Version of my Xiaopan, Aby$m OS, BackTrack &, Windows 7 mega disk.

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  1. vampiricbunny1800
    It Currently Has the Following Software
    aby$m-os 0.0.3 ( i put this in because it works on systems xia wont not sure why just does)

    avg boot disk ( you can scan from dos or live with this and also remove things from the memory )

    HBCD ( the one i made )

    kali lunix (x86 version)

    passcape ( no reg needed (its a windows pw hack tool))


    tinywindows 7 rev01 (this works for roll backs and installs if you have drivers )

    xiaopan 0.4.7

    tiny wnidows xp

    I also have a CD / USB version as well with a help and troubleshooting
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  1. Alek5
    Version: 0.0.6
    good job ,thanks again
    1. vampiricbunny1800
      Uploader's Response
      no prob enjoy i am working on a password disk for win now