Wi-fEye Wireless Pentesting Tool 1.0

Automated attacks including WEP/WPA cracking, session hijacking

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  1. Mr. Penguin
    Wi-fEye is designed to help with network penetration testing. It allows the user to perform a number of powerful attack automatically including WEP/WPA cracking, session hijacking and more.

    Authored by Zaid Al-Quraishi

    Wifi has three main menus :
    1. Cracking menu: contains attacks that could allow us to crack wifi passwords weather is WEP , WPA or WPA2:
      • Enable monitor mode
      • View avalale Wireless Networks
      • Launch Airodump-ng on a specific AP
      • WEP cracking: here you can perform a number of attacks to crack WEP passwords :
        • Interactive packet replay.
        • Fake Authentication Attack.
        • Korek Chopchop Attack.
        • Fragmentation Attack.
        • Hirte Attack (cfrag attack).
        • Wesside-ng.
    2. WPA Cracking: here you can perform a number of attacks to crack WPA passwords , this menu is devided into two sections:
      • launch a brute force attack against a WPS-enabled network to crack WPA/WPA2 without a dictionary.
      • Obtain handshake: This will automatically attempt to obtain the handshake
      • Cracking: After obtaining the handshake or if you have the handshake ready then you can attempt to crack it in this section , you can choose to use you wordlist straight away with aircrack-ng or you can add to a table and then crack the password.
    3. MITM: this menu will allow you to do the following Automatically:
      • Enable IP forwarding.
      • ARP Spoof.
      • Launch ettercap (Text mode).
      • Sniff SSL/HTTPS traffic.
      • Sniff URLs and send them to browser.
      • Sniff images.
      • DNS Spoof.
      • HTTP Session Hijacking (using Hamster).
    4. Others: this menu will allow you to o the following automatically:
      • Change MAC Address.
      • Create a fake access point.
      • Hijack software updates (using Evilgrade).
    Platforms supported:

    Wi-fEye is written in Python and should run on any UNIX based platform with a Python interpreter, as long as all needed modules and programs have been installed. So far it has been successfully tested on:
    • Linux
    • FreeBSD

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