WPA Clean and Convert Script 1.0

Keeps the handshake and deletes the rest

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  1. Mr. Penguin
    SmilingWolf has kindly written and donated a very clever script to enable hashcatplus users to sort, filter and convert WPA capture files efficiently.
    The script is called Script_it.sh

    a) Download it
    b) Have the latest Aircrack-NG installed
    c) Place all your WPA handshake .cap files on your desktop in a folder called A
    d) Make sure you do not have a folder called B
    e) Open a terminal
    f) Drag the script in to it and press enter

    If you get a permissions issue, you will need to set the folder to 777 read write and execute.

    When Script_it.sh has finished you will be left with 6 folders within folder B.

    BadCaps - Contains the capture files that are deemed to be bad by WPAClean.
    CleanCaps – Contains the good capture files after being stripped of unnecessary data.
    HCCaps – Contains only good clean captures that have also been converted to hccap files for use with hascatplus.
    OriginalCaps – Contains all original good and bad capture files from list A.
    UniqueCaps – Contains all unique capture files simply filtered by file name.
    ReallyUniqueCaps – Contains all unique good capture files after being compared to MD5 hash and BSSID.
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  1. teribletim
    Version: 1.0
    i never new how important it was to clean cap files until now. thanks SmilingWolf.