Xiaopan 6.4.1

Linux WiFi hacking distribution (ISO)

  1. Major Update!!!

    This is a iso for new Xiaopan. This will some hopes stop the questions like how do i add PixieWPS as it is already added.

    Credit goes to @meknb for building this.

    If you have any questions, issues or requests. Or if you would like to help development in someway post in this thread: Login or Signup to view links / downloads

    If you find it useful, please consider sending a dontation to meknb. You can contact him via PM. Login or Signup to view links / downloads


    Whats new
    • New kernel 3.16.6
    • Open box window manager
    • Space file manager
    • PixieWPS 1.1
    • New aircrack (Note: onboot is still using aircrack-ng-1.2-rc1)
    • WPAClean (no excuse to not clean your caps)
    • Reaver tx6mod
    • Autopixie
    • HT-WPS-breaker
    • FrankenScript
    • WiFite Update
    • Tabbed terminal so no more asking how to copy and paste
    • Easier onboot editor "click on apps in menu and maintenance in the apps program"
    compiler so you can build programs
    • git and svn repos
    • mksquash so you can build your own tcz's
    • Tc install to create persistence usb install's
    • ntfs file support (so be careful when installing)

    When shutting down select none as your backup options "was the only way to load my backup"

    If you like it click the like at the bottom of the post don't clutter up the thread with post's, just report any errors etc
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