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15 Sep 2013
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23 Apr 1974 (Age: 47)

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Well-Known Member, Male, 47


Busy playing with the 036NHV. 3 Aug 2014

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11 May 2020
    1. Upsurt
      Hi Mr kevsamiga could you plz give link to Atheros Client Utility thats work with Windows XP driver
    2. Fardat
      Здравствуйте! У вас не найдется dump eeprom awus 036nh?
    3. nawfalino
      Hello colleague, I have a AWUS036NHA and I would couple it with another ALFA adapter and I'll be choosing the AWUS036ACH.
      but I'm still confused between the AWUS036NHV and AWUS036ACH.
      For the NHV and didn't find a detailed review so can you make a review for it and how it is compared the NHA and the ACH
      Thank you in advance.
    4. andrale
      Hello colleague. I have a wifi ar9271 chipset. and let me know how to activate the compliance test, from already thank you very much and waiting for your answer one greetings from Cuba
    5. alghashm2014
    6. unavailable
      Hi, what USB wireless card are you strong recommended that compactible with xiaopan?
    7. mevsim
      Hi. I have a AR9271 module. Do you have ar9271 eeprom driver? because computer dont execute ar9271 driver without eeprom firmware.Can you help me?
    8. burnwaygta4
    9. Ginting
      hi, sorry for bothering you but i cant open the archive of modded 036nhr v2 (with LED option). can u pls send me new link with functional rar?
    10. FROCIUS
      I am leaving this board.

      Thank You for all the help you provided. Directly and indirectly.
    11. arif111
      Please can you give me your email or your number in whatsapp or other to ask you some questions

      my number in whatsapp: 00967773728003
    12. expandables
      Hi friend glad that you are online. I have an alfa NHV and i have a TP-Link TL-WR1043NHD v2 i have openwrt on it how can i install the NHV driver on it to make it work like the alfa r36?
    13. Fabio Silva 2
      Fabio Silva 2
      I broght an Alfa AWNS051NH V2 its the 1000 MW version it has an RT3572 chipset, and im using an outdoor grid antenna TP-Link LT-ANT2424B witch uses 24 DBM
      my real question is that i seen somewhere on the web that windows limits the power DBM of wifi so is that realy so?
      if it is how can i reach the 24DBM maximum power? with specific program or trugh windows mannualy control?
      using win7 Ultimate
      1. kevsamiga
        CountryTxPwr and CountryTxPwr5g can be edited for the device entry in the Windows registry....

        Make sure you have a powered USB hub which will happily draw 2A from only using one port.
        4 Feb 2015
    14. kevsamiga
      Busy playing with the 036NHV.
    15. Demosthenes
    16. kevsamiga
      DVD writer failure to be recognised in BIOS. Time to order another one, no IDE anymore only SATA burners wtf.
    17. nhrv2
      Hi!! May i ask you something?!
      I read this post of yours( where you say : "This 24dbm trick also works for the NHR, but you have to be using 1 of 2 specific crafted drivers or you will get a range of -7 to +7 for CCX dbm"
      I have a nhr v2 with the same chipset and i'm stuck at -7dbm 7dbm. Can you please link those crafted drivers?
      1. kevsamiga
        I'll post them in the RTL8188RU section shortly...
        13 May 2014
    18. kevsamiga
      Massive dismantle and de dusting of computers and gfx cards today. Damn USB ports playing up, things going wrong etc.
    19. 112HRS
      Ok thanks for your help. It's 3Am for me too (Ireland). Your thread in the forums is proving helpful. It's between the NHA and the NHR for me now I think. I hope the NHR has sorted out its issues.
    20. 112HRS
      I've been reading your thread "my view on various alpha adapters". It's been pretty helpful but there's so much going on and I'm so confused. Do you have ten minutes to spare so I Can ask you a few questions about the different models please? Email me at spam.for.looney a..t
      1. kevsamiga
        Not really have any time today to deal with lot's of questions, t's already 3am here in UK. Time I hit the farting sack shortly.
        3 May 2014
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    23 Apr 1974 (Age: 47)


    ALFA 036NHV, ALFA 051NH, ALFA 036NHA (New Release), x 2 ALFA 036NHR V2's, ALFA 036H V5 1W, ALFA 036NH (with glued back on casing that fell apart), Signal King 999WN, Signal King 950WN x2, Kasens G9000 8187L., TP-Link WN722N (AR9271), Realtek 8191SU cheap dongle, Qualcomm Atheros AR5006X PCI. 2x 16dbi YAGI's riveted not crimped for a future phased array, Generic 14Dbi flat panel, 2,4,5,6,7,8,4x9 ARS N19, and 18 dbi twigs, and x3 ALFA 7dbi M04 panels. Windows 7 Ultimate x64/Windows XP x86 dual boot. 2x Intel Quadcore's and 2x 4870x2's hardware assist for munching 4 GPU's through WPA's with Elcomsoft in Windows, while Linux does all the dirty work. ;-)

    Old fart with computers since 1980 who has stared at rainbows long enough to be a wizard.
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