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Our privacy policy relates to anyone involved in the use of copyrighted material. Namely, the material owned by any other person or organisation. Any original material written, designed and modified for Xiaopan is owned solely by it's authors as will be considered intellectual property. Prior consent and credit is required if any organisation or individual copies work from

Publishing work of someone other than your own is not permitted, unless credit is given to the original author in the form of a citation or a hyperlink to the original content. using the BB-Code Guide will help format your articles


Authors should also respect fair dealing and fair use laws that relate particularly to:

• Research and study (section 40 Copyright Act 1968 (Cth)

• Review and criticism (s41)

• Reporting the news (s42)


Sharing copyrighted, pirated and restricted materials that require licences for use is not permitted unless with prior consent of the copyright holder.


Member postings on Xiaopan Forums are the property of their authors and retain their right to publish their work if they choose to do so.


Images should be referenced to an original source. If the original source is unknown. Tineye might assist in tracking down the original.


6 Xiaopan has the right to remove, modify, delete any content if we feel it is appropriate to do so. We generally only modify content to fix grammar and spelling mistakes and delete inappropriate posts.


Content of authors are the responsibility and liability of their own and not of Xiaopan.


Posts and other content will displayed indefinitely, unless their is a request for deletion from the author or if the content was deemed inappropriate by staff and users within Xiaopan.


Xiaopan at times reviews articles published using Copyscape, Tineye and through a manual referencing check. If there is a match we will notify you via email. Xiaopan reserves the right to edit the article until it complies with Formatting and our Copyright Content Guidelines. Our images that are uploaded on our Forums are watermarked to show the original source. Use of our 'Xiaopan' logo is allowed without any restrictions. 


10 Xiaopan will comply with DCMA takedown notices that have been received through the Copyright Form.



DMCA Copyright Form

General Questions About Copyright


Referencing Example

Finally Reaver Pro is available to download and you do not need to buy the entire $99.00 kit. It is quite rare to find Reaver Pro for sale (even on ebay) or a demo version.  But here it is for VIP subscribers. This will work on Windows or Mac via virtualisation. The ISO can also be made into a Live USB or CD. Because the ISO is 1GB you can delete unnecessary files to fit this onto a CD yourself.


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