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    Installing VMware Image

    Important Note
    Virtualization solutions (VMware/VirtualBox/Virtual PC/…) only work with USB cards. Card that are PCI/MiniPCI/PCMCIA/CardBus/Express Card/PCI Express/PCI-X/MiniPCI Express won't work at all.

    VMWare Workstation 6.02 or VMWare Player 2.02 or VMWare Fusion beta for intel based Mac's

    Wireless USB with one of the following chipsets:

    Approximately 2Gb of hard disk space

    Important note
    VMWare Workstation 6.5 (and maybe Player 2.5 too) is known not to work correctly with rtl8187 driver. It uses the whole CPU and it seems to be hanging (it is really slow) for an unknown reason.

    1. Install VMWare Workstation or Player
    2. Download this VMware image here or via BitTorrent and unpack it somewhere.
    3. Start VMware and select “open”. Open the virtual machine.
    4. Attach your USB adapter.
    5. If the USB adapter is recognized automatically you'll find a small USB icon in the lower right corner of your VMWare window. If not you have to attach it manually.

    Uncompress the file on a filesystem that supports large files; NTFS, ext3, … (all FAT filesystems, including FAT32, do not support large files).

    Use 7-zip or Winrar (at least latest stable version) on Windows. For Linux (and other OSes), use p7zip (it should be in the repositories of your distribution).

    Login credentials
    Are user id root with password root. On some versions the password is toor.
    The FAQ has some limited information about running the aircrack-ng suite under VMWare.
    Manually attaching USB device

    On VMware Player, the device should be shown in the title bar, click on it to activate it. On VMware Workstation, use menu “VM→Removable devices→USB” and then select the device:

    It will automatically unplug the device from windows and attach it to the virtual machine.

    Loading Wireless Device Drivers
    The drivers can be loaded via the menu inside the VM:

    How to Use it
    Cracking WEP & WPA with Aircrack-ng Suite Part 1
    Watch this video on YouTube.
    Cracking WEP & WPA with Aircrack-ng Suite Part 2
    Watch this video on YouTube.
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