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    Ok corrected airgeddon-7.23_rev2.tcz has been finished and uploaded. The issue was my wbar launcher had "exec=sudo lxterminal -e bash blah blah" fixed to "exec=lxterminal -e sudo bash" , the launcher was running airgeddon in root shell instead of a regular shell with granted script priv's. Anyway tested with both rtl8192cu and rt2870/3070 chipsets. Enjoy~

    TinyPaw repos:



    Necessary packages needed:

    • Wireless-tools *TCL apps repo*
    • Gawk *TCL apps repo*
    • Aircrack-ng *TinyPaw Repo - (aircrack-ng.tcz, aircrack-ng.tcz.dep, aircrack-ng.tcz.md5.txt)*
    • Coreutils *TCL apps repo*
    • Acl *TCL apps repo*
    • Attr *TCL apps repo*
    • Libattr *TCL apps repo*
    Additional packages compiled for Airgeddon:

    • SSLStrip *TinyPaw Repo*
    Additional packages not included:

    • DNSSpoof / Dsniff
    • Ettercap
    • Hashcat
    Enjoy ~

    TinyPaw at 2018-01-03 14:40:23.png TinyPaw at 2018-01-03 14:41:00.png TinyPaw at 2018-01-03 14:42:17.png
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