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    Testing and/or feedback would be appreciated:

    Apologies! - Further testing, though rewriting the conf files for hostapd and dnsmasq works for airgeddon script, it renders linset and fluxion AP attack ineffective. Disregard previous posting, all that is necessary for airgeddon to function properly with "5.) Evil Twin Attack" is to copy the included script and dhcpd.leases files to your (/home/tc/.airgeddon/) directory. The airgeddon script was modified by adding (/home/tc/.airgeddon/dhcpd.leases) as a lease file location to overcome read-only/squashfs r+rw issues.

    If you wish to alter your own copy of the script then you will need to make the following adjustment to the "" script file:

    Will need to open as root

    - Line 241, Col 33: "/home/tc/.airgeddon/dhcpd.leases"

    *See attached image*

    Save the changes you've made to your script file, also within your airgeddon home folder you will need to create an empty file called:

    - "dhcpd.leases"

    In case you don't feel like doing any of that^ then I have included modified airgeddon script and dhcpd.leases that must be copied to your (/home/tc/.airgeddon/) directory - you will need to do so as root - use the run tool and execute pcmanfm as root.


    1.) Download and copy and dhcpd.leases.txt to your (/home/tc/.airgeddon/) directory.
    ***This is airgeddon v8.10***

    RENAME dhcpd.leases.txt to dhcpd.leases

    Ah - should mention also, devices used:


    ALFA AWUS036H RT2870/RT3070





    *Screen shot of DHCPD server running in airgeddon, Wireshark was used externally and captured client traffic.*

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