Alfa AWUS036H slow speeds on windows 10

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking Cards' started by Sleeves, 7 May 2017.

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    26 Jul 2014
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    Hi I've been having problems lately with my alfa card and im not sure why. I've tried installing different drivers new and old but I cant seem to get good download or upload speeds.

    Using my AWUS036H i get 2.3 mbps down and 1.5 mbs up
    Using ethernet I get 15.4 up and 4.5 up
    my brother using a standard wireless card gets 15 up and 4.5 up

    So my question is how can I go about diagnosing this issue?
    Could it be that my card is just old and maybe worn out?( got the card sometimes around 2012-2013)
    Is this just an issue with windows 10?( ran with decent speeds on windows 7)

    And finally if I cant solve this what cards should I look to purchase?? (specifically looking for cards that work with Kali and can have good speed on windows 10)

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